New Year's Eve Style Guide 2016

Whether you’ll be strutting the streets of NYC, or living it up in Las Vegas, your New Year’s Eve outfit is something that should definitely already be on your mind. Let’s be real: almost ANYTHING goes on New Year’s Eve. It is practically another Halloween, because you can totally rock the booty-huggin’ outfits, dramatic makeup and 6-inch heels. Since you can have fun with what you wear, here are some awesome pieces to inspire your NYE look: 




Fringe boots? In. Fringe sweaters? In. Fringe anything? Totally in. This has been the Fall of Fringe, so why not let it carry into the winter? Pair the top with a long black maxi skirt, black jeans, leather pants, or even a mini skirt. You won't have to feel bad about “never wearing it again” because you can totally rock this top to dinner, or even just for a casual daytime look.


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If you’re celebrating in a city that actually experiences seasons, you might need to layer up a bit! Some people bumm about “covering up”, but real fashionistas know that more layers just means more opportunities to rock awesome pieces like this faux fur coat. Throw this shaggy layer over a sequin dress or blouse and you’ll no longer be basic, but totally on-trend.

BONUS: Front pockets!! Designers at Via Spiga are looking out for the girls who go out and hate carrying purses.



Yes, I'm aware that some people think sequined clothing is tacky, but I am here to tell you: it can be tasteful! Personally, I would (and have) rocked full sequin dresses on my birthday and NYE; but like I said, I know sequins can be scary. I came across this awesome tuxedo jacket that has sequined lapels from Michael Kors. Throw this over ANYTHING and instantly jazz up your look.




If you’re feeling ambitious, this short, fitted dress has pattern and sequins to sparkle and shine all night. 


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My roomies and I have been obsessing over anything and everything pleather/leather this fall. The leather look is always sexy, especially leather pants. . Throw on a crop top or a flowy, sheer top and you have the perfect NYE outfit.




Okay, so if you’re in a warmer climate, velvet is definitely NOT the move, but jumpsuits ALWAYS are. One piece outfits are amazing because then all you have to worry about is accessorizing and finding the perfect pair of shoes. Specifically in this outfit, I love the plunging neckline and flared bottom look.

Stay fierce, fabulous and fashionable! May 2016 be the year Juicy Couture jumpsuits make a comeback (totally kidding). Now that you've planned the perfect outfit, it's time to plan the party! Check out our top picks for NYE in Boston, NYC, DC, Las Vegas and more on Tablelist.


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