Vodka 101: All About Tablelist’s Most Popular Bottle

 Different days call for different outfits like different nights out call for different vodkas.  Here’s a guide to help you order the perfect vodka for every occasion.


Absolut (Sweden)


Instead of ordering something from a plastic bottle, you decided to treat your liver with your old, reliable friend Absolut. Maybe you’re feeling adventurous tonight and will experiment with strange flavors or just go with the classic mixers. Or perhaps you are looking to emulate Lil’ John. Either way, you’ll be sure to find it waiting for you anywhere you go out.



Grey Goose (France)


This is the gold standard for all vodkas.  With the frosted bottle and sparklers shooting off the top, there’s a reason Grey Goose is synonymous with table service.  Aside from its iconic appearance, Grey Goose is so smooth it can please even a non-vodka drinker.   No night can wrong when there’s a bottle of Grey Goose at your table!



Ciroc (France)


You were probably introduced to this old favorite in a music video from the early 2000s or one of Dj Khaled’s infamous snapchats. Either way, you are planning to get drunk af tonight, and probably will make a few questionable decisions along the way. If you’re looking for some rate A debauchery, Ciroc is definitely going to be on your list.



Belvedere (Poland)


With an endorsement by James Bond, Belvedere is the epitome of tradition and class. If Belvedere was served in the East Egg speak-easy, then Grey Goose would be served at one of Gatsby’s ragers over in West Egg.  Belvedere doesn’t need the whistles and bells to stand out, it will forever remain a classic.




Ketel One (Netherlands)


Ketel One is the vodka to sit down and enjoy straight up – while maybe smoking a cigar.  Advertised as the gentleman’s vodka due to its brute taste, it’s not the best choice for shots.  Instead this is the type of vodka that needs to be savoured either on the rocks or in a dirty martini.  And don’t be surprised if you sprout a few hairs on your chest after drinking Ketel One.



Tito’s (USA)


There’s no messing around with this vodka. Tito’s doesn’t spend time trying to market to elitist crowds, but still finds its way into every upscale establishment because of its attention to detail and superb quality. Made in the USA, Tito’s is for the real straight talking cowboy.


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