Venue Spotlight: 1 OAK, New York

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1 OAK boasts a cool crowd, music that’s always on point, and flawless bottle service. Here, you are sure to never be disappointed.  

1. Booking Info and Tips


Most popular table:

The VIP table for up to 8 guests at $2,000 is the most popular table but did you know, you can also get a bottle at the bar for $600, which includes queue-jump. 

When to go:

The weekend definitely sparks the busiest nights. The evening includes a mixture of shows that occur every hour, so in order to catch all the acts, be sure to arrive before 1am. 


To increase the likelihood of getting chosen to be a part of the show, make sure you position yourself near the front.  

Most Popular Order: 

Belvedere Night Saber is the biggest hit. 

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2. Staff and Scene

The Scene:

The Box boasts an eclectic group of acts: a mixture of burlesque, circus and erotica (unlike anything you’ve seen before). There are several shows per night, which occur in short bursts within the evening. During the lull in between acts, the DJ spins a variety of great music and the club comes alive with energetic, drink-fuelled people. Come prepared to have an evening like no other. 

What to wear

Glamorous. Black tie optional every night of the week. 


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3. Additional Info

Off- Menu Secret:

Cameras of any sort are prohibited so you’re going to have to visit yourself to see what The Box is all about.



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Team Tablelist says:

“I can’t explain it in words. You have to go.” -Aki




Team Tablelist says:

“I saw some things that I can’t unsee but it was pretty epic.” -Brin

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Team Tablelist says:

“The crowd is cool and the shows are totally unique. I’ve never have a dull night there” -Nicole


Cheers! See you at The Box this weekend.


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