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Tablelist Tips: 5 Remedies To Help The Headache

By David Blumenfeld on Nov 2, 2014 11:00:00 AM

The instant hangover cure! The miracle pill! Rid your headache with one simple hangover remedy!  Give me a break. Unless you’ve been drinking O’Doul’s the past five years you’re likely well acquainted with the lasting effects of a mean hangover. But you know what? We drink anyways. Because living The Life isn’t just for rappers and extravagant gamblers. While you consciously decide that the fun and good times of a liquid liaison will outweigh the next-day hangover symptoms, you can be thankful that Tablelist has a few methods – or “cures” – that can help with recovery.

Note that we are not doctors or scientists. We just like to party, and hate hangovers. The below remedies come from personal experience.