'Tis The Season to Eat, Drink, Be Merry... and Recover

When was the last time resisting temptation was fun? With all the blogs and emails and reminders from mom to be healthy this holiday, it's important to remember how to INDULGE. It’s the holidays - live a little, you’ve earned it. But, it's the aftermath that kills us. The exhaustion, the bloating, and most debilitating, the hangovers. So, here’s a couple ideas for how to eat, drink and be merry- and, recover.




Drink: Champagne. It's the season of celebration, and nothing makes spirits bright like a glass of bubbly. You're better off opting for the sparkly stuff than a mixed drink filled with sugars and juices, but then again, why say no to the spiked punch?

This time of year, nightclubs and lounges are exceptionally packed with holiday revelers. To sip and savor (and skip the line, as well as steep cover charges) book a table on Tablelist. Whether you're staying out after the office party, celebrating with friends, or booking a VIP table for New Year's Eve, Tablelist has your holiday plans handeled.

Recover: with Blowfish. Put down the pickle juice, and back away from whatever other crazy cure you swear by. We have just the thing. If you haven't tried it yet, Blowfish is a refreshing lemon-flavored fizzy tablet that will stop the pounding in your hungover head faster than you can imagine. It’s the only FDA regulated hangover product (which is kind of a big deal). Order online, or pick up your packets at a Walgreens or CVS near you, stat. Stock up and have this stuff on hand all year long.




Eat: The best treats in your office, the best steak on the menu at your fancy friend's dinner, the roof of your gingerbread house as you're making it (we won't tell). 

Recover: With tons of water. Hydration is key to beat the bloat and keep feeling in top shape as your meal plan gets hijacked by the holiday. Make it a goal to meet the doctor recommended 8 glasses, and you'll feel less guilty about indulging in the delicious.




Be Merry: all night. Come January and February, it's tough to drag friends out of their post-holiday hibernations, so take advantage now. RSVP "yes", and stay 'till last call. 

Recover: with power naps. It may be tempting to over-caffeinate, but trust us. A little extra sleep will go a long way, and provide pure (non-jittery) energy.  Squeeze in a 20-minute snooze between work and play, and you'll do day-to-night like a champ.

What are your favorite ways indulge & recover? Leave us a comment below, and we'll share the best on Twitter with #holidayrecovery.


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