The Ultimate New Years Eve 2017 Checklist

The last party of the year:

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular nights in nightlife in the year – and for good reason. Each and every city in the world is packed with people celebrating a year’s worth of memories.

Experienced partiers know you cant just approach this night of the year like any other, so we put together a list to help you take on NYE2017 in style.

The Essentials:


✓The Plan 

You don’t have one already?! This is a night where you’ll need to have a solid itinerary. Get to it!

Trust us, you don’t want to be the group wandering around on new years eve looking for a plan and midnight while everyone’s inside enjoying their bottle service and scoping out the scene to who their midnight kiss will be.


✓ The Group 


A.K.A Your A-Team. This is crucial. These are the people you love going out with, your best friends and all-star party team. Make sure that you’ve planned your night out well so that you know the main people you’ll be ringing in 2017 with. 

This is how you’re starting your year! Make sure you’re surrounded by the people you want to be with, not randos.


✓ The Pregame

You’ve got a plan, you’ve got your ratpack, now it’s time to go get ready for the festivities. A personal favorite of ours is a good ol’ fashioned apartment pregame. It’s great because you get to get to catch up with everyone and do all of your talking before you hit the party.

Make sure your bar is stocked, and everyone from your group is assembled.

Pro Tip :Tell your friends the pregame starts early – this is the one night you can’t afford to be rolling late!


✓ The Soundtrack

Another fundamental element of your night is the soundtrack, making sure you have the right tracks to keep the energy flowing is essential. Can’t have your squad jamming to Chopin on new years eve.  



✓ The Party.


Everyone’s pumped up, and with good reason. New Year’s is a night for some all out champagne-infused fun. With bottle service there’ll be no shortage of alcohol on New Years Eve, so make sure you drink the smart way. 

No one wants to be remembered as the person who had to be taken home from the club before the ball dropped to ring in the new year.



✓ The Postgame.

You’re all danced out, your outfit is partially champagne-soaked, now it’s time to get out of there. Here are some ways to make a smooth transition


Plan your exit beforehand – Finding a Taxi or an Uber after midnight will be harder than picking out an outfit.

Ladies, bring some flats – We know those heels you brought out looked AMAZING, but at 3AM, which would you rather be walking in?

Make sure you don’t leave anyone behind! New Years Eve traffic is crazy – Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. (Plus answering those angry texts the next day will feel worse than any hangover)

If you’re not hitting an afterparty, make sure grab some water before bed. When you wake up, pop a Blowfish, (one of the best hangover cures out there) you’ll need to rally for all the New Year’s Day brunch parties.



See you out there!


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