The Professional Wingman's Guide To: Planning the Perfect NYE


Thomas Edwards is a professional wingman. He helps singles develop their social skills to have better dating lives and live better lifestyles. Thomas has secured his highly-acclaimed reputation as the premier social strategy consultancy for professional singles looking to get more out of their lives. In this post, he shares with us his top tips to plan the perfect NYE.


How to: Maximize Your NYE Experience

If you don’t have New Year’s Eve plans already, don’t worry. While some tickets may be sold out, there’s still plenty of time to lock down your best NYE yet. As someone who has been this guy one year:



and this guy another:


 ...if there’s anyone who knows how to maximize your NYE experience, it’s me. I could talk about this topic for days so for the sake of focusing on getting your party on, I’ll keep this to a two-post series.

 So for the sake of this first post, I’ll assume you’re here because you’re either a Tablelist user and/or general fan of nightlife and you want to go out and party it up for New Year's Eve instead of staying at home. Before you get those party shoes on, there are two questions you’ll want to answer first.


1. Ask Yourself: What are you wearing?

Most venues will have a dress code and likely want you to class up your look. This works in your favor because when certain venues are packed, with the right look, you can stand out and get people approaching you to start conversation. When it comes to style, my advice is as simple as it gets.


“It’s much better to dress a notch or two above the crowd, or else you’ll be a notch or two below how great you could look.”


For additonal tips on dressing to impress this New Years Eve, check out Tablelist's post How To: Dress Like a Pro On New Years Eve 2016.


 2. Ask Yourself: How much are you spending?

Most venues will charge for entry (sometimes with an open bar) and from there, you’ll be on your own when it comes to getting drinks at the bar, which as you may know, will take an enormous amount of time. I remember a few years ago having to take upwards of 45 minutes to get a drink. All of a sudden, I feel forced to order two drinks at a time, and next thing you know, I’m THAT guy double-fisting drinks at 9:45PM. Not a good look.

Instead, if you know you’ll be out with a group of friends, seriously consider getting table service. The time between drinks will be less and the amount of drinks your group will consume over the hours will surprisingly also be less than if you were all to get drinks individually.

Plus, when you have a table, you will be free to get up, roam around the venue, and meet people to bring back to the table. When it comes to nightlife, it’s super valuable to have an “anchor” space where you can always go back to — especially with your new friends.

Now we have those things out of the way, let’s party. And for all of those who are looking to score that coveted New Year’s kiss when the ball drops, you won’t want to miss the second post in this NYE series.


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