The BU Senior’s Guide to Boston Nightlife


FINALLY! The days of Allston Crawls are over, and we can actually go to Blanchards ourselves. We never thought this day would come, but here we are– 21 and ready to explore the city of Boston. Some nights we like to keep it close to campus, but on the nights we’re feeling more ambitious, call the Lyft or Uber because there are so many awesome spots we have to experience before graduation. (Shia LaBeouf for commencement speaker 2016?!)


Local Campus Spots:

T’s Pub: “The Place to Meet.”

Easily the most convenient, but also a treasured place to BU students. I personally have vowed to not miss a T’s Tuesday this entire year (even if we have snow days). It’s definitely a smaller location, but when you know everyone and you can arrive in ANY kind of attire, you really do feel at home. I personally love the karaoke on Tuesdays, and T’s has also become a regular “post game” spot on Saturday nights. So come tear up the dancefloor; you might even run into Dean Elmore, who WILL buy you a drink.


Tavern in the Square – Allston

A classic “Thursday move” for BU students — TITS! The spacious sports bar turns into a party on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (not to mention the awesome brunch on Sunday). With two main bar areas, the right side allows for more of a sitdown/conversational area, while the left side has a DJ and dancefloor. They also serve their infamous fish bowls, which are awesome to split with friends and make for a great insta!


For Venturing Downtown:


This trendy Italian restaurant keeps the party going into the night with awesome upscale vibes. The DJ room always welcomes the hottest international DJs, while the long stone bar ensures a night where the drinks keep flowing! Be sure to try the speciality cocktails– they are amazing! Don’t forget about the beloved brunch on Sunday, which is definitely where I’ll celebrate my 22nd this year.






Bijou, oh Bijou… Almost even sounds like BU. It may be a place we say we hate, but secretly we love this spot because it’s ALWAYS packed and ALWAYS a great time! There are two rooms and always banging music, whether it’s top hits, house or hip hop. Thursday and Friday nights are typically when it’s the most poppin’. Speaking of poppin’– bottle service is a must, so book with us here:





One of Boston’s most intimate, but also DOPEST settings. The lights are insane and you literally feel like you’re in a tunnel. The music is always on point, with mashups, top hits and house, so you’re sure to have a good time. It’s also a great mix-up from the predominantly “college scene”, as there is usually an older crowd. Sidenote– there are most definitely regular celebrity-sightings (last time I was there I saw T.I.), so look your best!



Whisky Saigon


When you first walk in, there is a lounge area, but don’t be fooled by this most chill area because there’s a rager going on in the back (WITH BUBBLES!). I went here for my 21st and the front area is a great place to finish off your pregame when you first walk in, or a great resting spot after you’ve torn up the dancefloor. There is usually a mixed crowd with bumping music and the atmosphere in general makes your night hundo p worth it.




Late-night Food

T. Anthony’s


After a night out of partying, or even after a ball game, this is the spot. Not only can you get amazing NY-style thin crust pizza, but there is also an extensive menu with perfect late night options. The service is awesome and even though they deliver, the dine-in experience is truly one of a kind. Grab a table with your friends and play your favorite songs on the jukebox to keep the party going. I think I read somewhere that they won’t let you graduate unless you’ve been to T. Anthony’s at least once…


Alright Seniors! Get out and hit these spots, because graduation is coming quicker than we realize!



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