The 7 Essential Hangover Cures for the 7 Nights of Senior Week

Senior year is a significant time for any student, it is the bridge between those
formidable college years and the era of total accountability that is adulthood. It’s a time where students have mentally checked out enough to party like freshmen but still show up to class just enough to complete their degree, a truly glorious time.



And, with the end of the school year rapidly approaching and operation graduation underway, there is no better time to embrace the present and rage all that reckless college behavior out of your system than Senior Week! So, to ensure you make it through the week alive with your body and memories in tact, follow these 7 tips:


1. Hydrate


Generally speaking, a hangover is your body feeling extremely dehydrated. The more hydrated you stay the night before the better you’ll feel the next day, so, for every alcoholic drink you put away try to match it with one glass of water. The best way to combat a nasty hangover is to ensure you drink plenty of water before bed and first thing when you wake up. Even better, grab an electrolyte beverage (such as coconut water, Gatorade, or an electrolyte water) for extra hydration!

2. Greasy Food


If you’re like me then you get two types of hangovers: 1.) The mornings where you can’t stand to be in the same room as food because just the smell will push your nausea over the edge, or 2.) those hung over mornings you wake up feeling completely ravenous and you’re entire day basically consists of non-stop eating. If you’re lucky enough to have a hungry hangover, then make yourself a sinfully greasy breakfast sandwich or head to the nearest brunchery for a substantial meal. A solid breakfast featuring some complex carbs and plenty of protein with supply your body with much needed fuel and help you jumpstart your day. If you’re not up for a full breakfast, try eating just a banana- they’re great at replenishing the electrolyte potassium and will still give your body the kick of energy it needs.


3. Herbal Tea


While herbal tea doesn’t generally contain a large amount of caffeine, which could be just what you need to help settle a hang over induced stomachache. Ginger tea and peppermint tea have long been used to help ease the symptoms of a hangover, both having great success in reducing nausea and gastrointestinal distress. Ginger is also a natural painkiller and antioxidant, so if you’re stomach is feeling a little raw from the night before brew yourself a soothing cup of herbal tea to start the day. But, don’t forget to keep drinking water because tea can sometimes add to dehydration which is the last thing you need if you’re planning on partaking in later activities.



4. Caffeine


Whether it’s a Red Bull, black tea, or a cup of black coffee, sometimes all you need is some serious caffeine to clear your head and get you ready to rally. If you’re reaching for the coffee, keep in mind a light roast has more caffeine than a dark roast if you’re planning on maximizing you’re caffeine intake. Coffee can be harsh on the stomach, so if you’re suffering from a bad hang over definitely combine coffee with a meal. And again, don’t forget to hydrate!

5. Kegs and Eggs


Also known as “Hair of the Dog”, but either way it involves waking up and drinking more alcohol. Some people swear the best way to fight a hangover is to just keep drinking, if you subscribe to this idea then make yourself a classic Bloody Mary with breakfast or grab a beer for the shower. While day drinking can lead to an awesome night, to ensure you make it to the night remember to drink one glass of water per alcoholic drink, and when in doubt always remember, “Liquor before beer you’re in the clear, Beer before liquor never been sicker.” Drink accordingly.

6. Ultimate Boot and Rally


Sometimes, no matter what you try the best way to beat a hang over is to just void your stomach completely, drink some water, and rally from there. No one likes waking up with a hang over, but waking up still drunk is always worse, and a quick boot can help you rally all day into the night.

7.  Preventative Supplements


In the case of a hang over, it’s always better to prevent one ahead of time rather than having to deal with treating the symptoms of one later on. Some people rely on prickly pear extract in the form of a capsule before a night of drinking, many attest to its benefits in preventing and easing the symptoms of a hang over. You can purchase other preventative supplements, such as PartySmart, which are intended to be taken before consuming alcohol and help to protect your liver while you party on through the night. So, take the time to stop at your local Wholefoods to pick up a few capsules of prickly pear extract or PartySmart’s, not only will your body be thanking you the next day but it will definitely be thanking you at the end of the week!



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