The 5 Twitter Accounts Your Nightclub or Lounge Should Follow Now

Does your venue's Twitter strategy need to kick it up a notch? We'd all like to see more growth, better interaction, and of course, proof that our social media strategy is working. But, it might not be what you're posting that's holding you back; who you're following (or not following) on Twitter also has a huge impact. Read on to learn The 5 Twitter Accounts Your Nightclub or Lounge Should Follow Now, a set of quick tips from the Tablelist marketing team.


1. Follow your patrons

Build a strong community on your venue's Twitter page by following and interacting with your patrons. They'll often be posting or "checking-in" at your nightclub or lounge, so it's easy to find them. For those with more advanced social media skills, use social listening tools with relevant keywords, or location-based apps like CoEverywhere to see a live stream from inside your business.



2. Follow your competitors

Keep an eye on the competition by following their pages, for up-to-the-minute updates on their promotions, events and more.


3. Follow your liquor companies

Do your VIP table buyers love @GreyGoose and @Redbull? Or, do you stock the bar with some unique specialty liquors? Follow these brand's accounts, to stay up to date on their product offerings and events. Also, these guys have big social media budgets, so their posts and content are top-notch. Retweet on your page to align yourself with their brands.



4. Follow bloggers and local press

You share your events, promos and press on Twitter already, so magnify the reach of your message by connecting with the media. A blogger or press outlet may pick up on your news, and share it through their massive networks.


5. Follow @Tablelist

And finally, follow your friends at Tablelist! As a Tablelist venue patner, we're looking to support your business on-line and off. Think of us as an extension of your marketing arm, and connect with @Tablelist on Twitter where we'll retweet your content, post your events, and run contests with you.


The 5 Twitter Accounts Your Nightclub or Lounge Should Follow Now