Tablelist Feature: Choose Your Bottles

To send more table sales to your venue, we’re constantly collecting feedback from our Tablelist memebers to impove the app. After requests from many table buyers, we have made an important change to Tablelist: Bookers can now choose their bottles in advance, or choose to pick their bottles when they arrive at your venue.


How will this drive you more sales?

Table buyers are likely to spend more when they choose bottles at your venue. Some Tablelist members will still prefer to choose their bottles in advance, but we have created this new feature to accomdate both options.


How do I handle a Tablelist Booking where the table buyer is choosing at the venue?

The Booking will come through via text and email like normal, with a line that says “Choose Bottles at Venue.” They have still comitted and paid for that minimum spend, so credit their tab for that amount. Any additional spend can be charged night-of.


How do I handle a Tablelist Booking with bottles chosen in advance?

Just as you normally would! You can have the table set when they arrive, and use this information to plan for your inventory for the night. These bottles have been chosen and paid for, and any addional spend can be charged night-of.


Any questions about this new feature? We always value your feedback. Drop me a line any time.

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