Tablelist Connect FAQ


Questions about Tablelist’s new feature, Connect? Read on to learn more about how to unlock Connect, then match and swipe with people going to the same event you are. 



What is Tablelist Connect?

Tablelist Connect allows purchasing users to view a real-time guest list, then swipe, match and chat with people that will be going out to the same venue or event.


Who can use Tablelist Connect?

Any person that has the Tablelist app and makes a purchase (a ticket, VIP table, cover charge, etc) can activate the Tablelist Connect feature.


How do I activate Tablelist Connect?

Book your night out on Tablelist as you normally would. On the checkout screen, you’ll see a teal switch for Tablelist Connect. Keep it switched on to opt-in to Tablelist Connect for the event or venue you’re going to. You can also activate Connect from your Orders page. Simply click on the event you’re going to, then tap Tablelist Connect to start swiping.


Which platforms is Tablelist Connect available for?

Tablelist Connect is available on the latest versions of iOS and Android. Tablelist Connect is not available on the web, but once you purchase your ticket, log-in to the Tablelist app with the same email you used on checkout and then activate Connect from there.


What events / venues have Tablelist Connect?

Every event and venue on Tablelist where you can purchase a ticket, VIP table, cover charge etc has Tablelist Connect. Some events may have more people on the guestlist than others, so to find the best spots to Connect, check out these lists for Boston Connect Events, DC Connect Events, and New York City Connect Events.


What makes Tablelist Connect different than Tinder?

Tablelist Connect is different than Tinder in a couple ways. Connect is not just a way to match with people in your same city, or in a geotargeted area- it’s a way to meet people that will be at the same event as you, verified by the fact that they must have purchased a ticket, table or other inventory to unlock Connect.

Connect solves the online to offline challenge that other swipe-and-match apps have, because you know your match will be at the same party with you later on.


Is there a limit on how many people I can swipe or match with per day?

No, there is no set limit- you’re only limited by the number of people on the guestlist for each event.


What does the teal M on a Connect profile mean?

If you see a teal M in the lower left corner of a photo, that means this person is a Tablelist Platinum member. To learn more about Membership, click here.




I’ve matched with someone on Connect, now what?

When you have a match on Connect, you’ll get a push notification that links right to your match. To see all your matches, go to the Connect tab in your Tablelist app and scroll down to Conversations. Tap any match to start a conversation, and say hello! You should message your Connection if you’re looking to network, make new friends, plan a pregame party or if you think they’re hot 🔥


What is the Concierge message I have at the top of the Connect screen?

On the Connect tab, you’ll see a message open at the top with your Concierge. You’re always matched with her, to be able to chat with the Tablelist team with one tap. Ask for recommendations on where to go for your birthday, ask questions about Connect, or share ideas and feedback with us. 


What kind of notifications will I get from Connect?

When you activate Connect, you’ll need to allow Push Notifications to enable notifications and reminders. You’ll get a notification when you get a match, get a message, or when new people join the guestlist of your event and you have new people to swipe.




What are the privacy settings for Tablelist Connect?

Before you activate Connect, your profile won’t show on any guestlists. Once you activate Connect but before you match with someone, your profile will appear with first name, last initial and profile picture. After you Connect with a match, your full name will appear, along with your profile information that you customize and the name of the event that you’re both attending.


Can I opt-out of Tablelist Connect?

You can choose on an event-by-event basis whether you wish to activate Tablelist Connect. However, once you activate Connect, you may not opt out. You can turn off Connect for all future events on your Account tab.


Can I filter what people I see on Connect?

Once you activate Connect and join the guestlist, you’ll see all other guests that are attending and using Connect and they’ll see you. Connect is for meeting all types of guests for networking, dating and more, so you’ll see both male and female guests and they’ll see you.


Can I block someone on Connect?

To unmatch with someone, go to the Connect tab in your Tablelist app and scroll down to Conversations. Slide your finger to the left over the conversation you wish to unmatch, and a red “Leave” button will appear. Tap that to remove the conversation and unmatch with that connection. Keep in mind, if you match with that person at another event, it will open a new conversation.




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