#CHAMPRANK Your Friends With Tablelist's April Fools Day Feature

Just in time for April Fool's Day, Tablelist has announced a brand new functionality, now allowing members to prank their friends instantly and cashlessly through their mobile and web apps. 

What exactly is a #CHAMPRANK
? It combines the bubbly and high-pressured awesomeness of Champagne, with the tactical genius of a well-executed prank.

With the touch of a button, order a #CHAMPRANK to be delivered to your friend or enemy, with your choice of Champagne to further customize the experience. For this exclusive April Fool's Day roll-out, Tablelist will be choosing one #CHAMPRANK request in each of our cities to pull off the most epic prank combining Champagne and surprise spraying ever.


Simply open the app, and choose the #CHAMPRANK listing. Then, choose the type of Champagne you'd like for the prank. Options include Moet, Veuve, Dom Perignon, Ace of Spades, and Andre.

The details page will explain what's about to happen. If your #CHAMPRANK is picked by our team of experts, you'll get to tell us your target (friend, enemy, frenemy, college professor, ex-lover, we won't judge), and we'll spray your chosen bottle of Champagne all over them when they least expect it. 


Will they be mad? Probably. Will it be hilarious? Absolutely. Our #CHAMPRANK event planners will be sure to find your target at the worst possible time and location to maximize the impact and anger that comes from getting an entire bottle of Champagne sprayed all over you. You'll get a souvenir video to enjoy for years to come, and the joy of knowing you pulled of the most epic April Fools #CHAMPRANK to ever occur.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to book your #CHAMPRANK, and we'll share the lucky winner's videos at 5pm on April Fool's Day. Send out a tweet for an additional entry, too. Happy #CHAMPRANK-ing!