Tablelist Announces Early Access to Washington DC


Boston-based startup Tablelist is taking the party to Washington D.C., the seventh city to have “A Better Night Out” in the two years of the company’s young and wild life. They don’t officially launch until September, but existing users, and those in the know, can get early access starting... right now!


What began as a platform for booking VIP tables has grown into a must-have app for nightlife of all sorts. From hosting celebrity parties to throwing highly-danceable booze cruises, Tablelist has the good times covered. Bonus: every user gets free, 24/7 access to a personal “nightlife concierge,” available for anything from finding the best DJ of the night to planning an over-the-top birthday blowout at the most exclusive venue in the city.


Check out Tablelist DC

Effective immediately, early-access users can purchase tickets to exclusive events and member parties, meet their concierge, pay cover charges, and book private tables at a growing list of D.C. venues. All of the information you need about the venue you’re looking at, including cover charge, dress code, music formats and more, are available in-app and on the site. Booking through Tablelist allows you to invite friends before you reserve, and gone are the days of IOUs, because you can split the bill right at checkout. The early-access features are live now at, so you can start partying on the forefront of the nightlife-tech revolution in D.C. tonight.

Here are a few places available for booking now through Tablelist that are always a safe bet for a great night out.

Heist - Get ready for some sophisticated, intimate fun in this small underground venue. Follow the long flight of stairs down to sleek leather decor and swanky crime-themed interior. Heist has an attentive staff, a VIP section right next to the DJ booth, and a thumping soundsystem to move you to the dancefloor. Keep it reasonable by splitting a bottle among friends, or go big with a Magnum of Dom Perignon to turn some heads. Check out Heist DC.

Manor - Hit happy hour for Manor’s killer New American menu and drink specials (Pomegranate Glazed Wings, absolutely), or show up later in the night after Manor transforms into a lounge setting. VIP tables up on the balcony offer a secluded area and a prime view of the dance floor, or go downstairs and get loose while the DJ spins a mix of formats to keep the party going. Enjoy the vibe while go-go dancers and acrobats perform throughout the venue, or take in the views of downtown D.C. through the huge windows. Check out Manor DC.

Capitale - Conveniently located on K Street, Capitale is a classic nightclub, adorned with a unique, Hollywood-esque decor and a welcoming atmosphere. The club really gets going after midnight,  with a dancefloor surrounded by massive bronze columns, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, fireplaces, chandeliers, and a prominent DJ booth that’s home to a solid rotation of DJs spinning House, Top 40 and more. Check out Electric Jungle every Saturday for a lively night of dancing and drinks. Check out Capitale DC. 

The Huxley - Upscale and classy, The Huxley is always a good choice for an awesome night out with beautiful people. Great music, helpful staff, strong drinks, and an interesting decor set the tone for The Huxley, as does the DJ pumping out nonstop beats. Enjoy the grandeur and romance of the main “Ballroom,” or hop into the “Library” for a cozy lounge experience surrounded by candlelit chandeliers and elegant bookshelves. VIP tables are available in both rooms through Tablelist. Check out The Huxley DC.

Eden -  Neon blues and greens run throughout the entire venue, but the three floors and the rooftop deck offer four uniquely distinct experiences. VIP sections and bottle service are available on every floor, but we are big fans of the rooftop during the warmer months. Each of the three floors have different music formats, which vary from night to night, so make sure to check before which floor you decide to get bottle service on. Don’t forget that booking your table on the Green Room doesn’t mean you can’t wander up to the Garden of Eden for some fresh air and a rooftop cocktail. Check out Eden DC.

Take this information, and enjoy your early access!

To celebrate their entry into a new market, Tablelist is giving $50 to every new user in D.C., just enter code dcvip87254 when you sign up for an account at


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