Table Service: Halloweekend Style

Okay people, the most important weekend of the fall semester is quickly approaching! If you aren’t already thinking about costumes, you really have your work cut out for you. Even if you have a costume or two in the works – you aren’t off the hook just yet. There are going to be tons of parties and events throughout Halloweekend, and you need to be strategic about your options.

While house parties are a classic option, there’s always the threat of cops. And if they’ve already had a long night dealing with bratty teenagers and costumed shenanigans, they might not be as lenient as we would like them to be. Better to be safe and hit one of the clubs where you’re guaranteed a good time!



So, why get table service on Halloween?


Jump the Line

Does anyone remember a few years ago when it snowed on Halloween? Not cool. Now, imagine that happening this year while you’re stuck waiting in line outside of your favorite club. Even if the bad weather somehow doesn’t ruin your hair, makeup, or costume, it’s sure to ruin your buzz. Nothing sobers you up like being freezing and miserable. The only way to guarantee that you and your crew can get in before anyone else is to get a table.

 Picture1Added bonus: what better way to show off your killer costume than to walk past the whole line on your way to the front?


Keep the Booze Flowing

Nobody is trying to lose their buzz, especially on Halloween. Imagine sobering up halfway through the night and seeing everyone in their costumes, except that they’ve been drinking and dancing for a few hours already. Probably not very cute.


Bottle service is the perfect way to prevent this from occurring. Plus, you don’t have to get your eyeballs poked out by somebody’s costume as you fight your way up to the bar, you can have your drinks brought to you like you deserve.


Store Your Accessories

Sometimes the best costumes are really meant more for the photo shoot you’re obviously going to have before you leave your apartment, so they might not necessarily be ideal club attire. Not to worry: your table is the perfect place to stash fur coats, annoying headpieces, itchy masks, or anything else taking up space in your hands where a drink should be.

Picture13Leave your stuff at your table and don’t worry about it again until it’s time to leave!


Take a Minute

As if clubs aren’t claustrophobic enough, imagine Halloweekend, when everyone is out, and costumes take up more space than usual club attire. Your table is a great place to sit down and give your poor feet a rest from dancing in uncomfortable shoes all night. You can even safely take out your phone without fear of drinks being spilled on it and snap a few selfies. Basically, just regroup and grab a drink before heading back out into the chaos of the dance floor.


Keep Track of Your Friends

Every crew has that one friend that disappears at some point during the night. A table is a great way to check in every once in awhile and see how everyone is holding up. One minute in a club where you can’t find your friends feels like an hour, and when you find each other it’s like you haven’t seen each other in years. “THANK GOD I found you!!!”


If it’s the end of the night, it’s also the perfect place to gather around to call your Uber and head to the afterparty! HALLOWEEN_TABLE_SERVICE

Check out everything we have going on for Halloween below, and hit up a concierge for help planning at 617-340-8791. See you out there!


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