September Bottle Girl of the Month: Jenn from Storyville

This month we’re proud to honor Jenn from Storyville. We applaud her awesome attitude, superior service, and the love she shows Tablelist users! Head over to Storyville to hang with Jenn, or catch her at Minibar and Blue Lounge this weekend.

What nights do you work?

Usually Wednesday through Sunday


What’s the most popular order you get?

The most popular order I get is definitely: Two bottles of Belvedere Vodka, a bottle of Dom, soda water and cranberry juice mixers.




How do you make a night extra special for your tables?

As a VIP hostess, my main priority is to ensure my clients are having an amazing experience. My job is to provide clientele with desired drinks, but it doesn’t stop there: I’ll plan special occasions, or organize cake delivery for my client’s birthdays or any other special event, along with VIP champagne and a show. I treat every client as if they were a friend of mine!


How many drinks do you pour in one night?

My tables love to drink so much that I cant keep up with them! Haha, I’m kidding! Most nights I take care of 2 tables, so I’ll pour between 30-50 drinks. Again, it all depends on their order and how many people are at the table.

What makes Storyville the best?

Storyville is a classy, high-volume lounge and nightclub. We often host famous DJs, but our residential DJs draw an awesome crowd, including celebrities and athletes. Most importantly, our team of VIP hostesses work together to make our clients’ experiences at Storyville so unique and memorable that they forget about real life for the night.





Craziest thing a table has ever asked you to do?

Hmmm, so many stories… One table asked if I would flash them! Lets just say they get pretty rowdy! 





What’s the craziest/strangest thing a table of yours has been celebrating?

Their divorce! …What?!?


Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?

“Somebody better call God, because he is missing an angel.” Sooo corny!


What’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?

$1500, that was awesome!

Do you see any new trends in nightlife that you think are cool?

I’ve seen a lot of crews wearing snapbacks with their logos on it, I like that. 





What do you love about your Tablelist tables?

They’re always ready to have fun! TURN UP!


Who’s your favorite local Boston DJ (where do they spin, what nights)?

My all-time favorite local DJ is my good friend Richard Fraioli. I can’t express enough how talented and amazing he is! Fraioli spins at Storyville, Icon, Royale, Whiskey Saigon, Cure, Water Club, and Marina Bay. Check him out!





Thanks to Jenn for giving top-notch service and a great experience to every Tablelist table.

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