Pro-Tips: Here’s What to Know About New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the most popular party night, and for good reason. The city’s clubs, bars, lounges and event spaces will be packed with people sending out the past year on a high note. Nightlife experts know you can’t just approach this night like any other, so here’s a couple Pro-Tips to make it great. 


1. Don’t Wait to Book


Ticket prices are expected to rise by 200% between Christmas and NYE. Why pay extra for the same experience? Lock in your plans now, and spend what you saved on some Champagne. 

2. Stock Up for the Pregame



Speaking of Champagne, be sure to buy your booze well in advance of NYE. Liquor stores in the city will be a battle zone night-of, so make your drink & mixer run this week, and you’ll be prepared to party.


3. There’s Value in VIP



Nightlife pros know: If you’ve waited this long to book your NYE plans, getting a VIP table can be a great value. For $100-$200 per person when you split the tab, you can get a table for New Year’s at many nightclubs and lounges. For the same price elsewhere, a couple hundred dollars just gets you in the door.


4. Don’t leave your New Year’s Kiss to Chance



Looking to meet someone new this NYE? Tablelist’s new Connect feature lets you see a real-time guestlist of who’s going, then swipe match & message with other ticket and table buyers. You can unlock this feature one you book your plans on the app, and the sooner you do the more swipes you’ll get.


5. Your Concierge’s Here to Help



Party planning shouldn’t add to your holiday stress. As a Tablelist user, your nightlife concierge is on-call to help you celebrate in style.Open your Tablelist app to the Concierge Tab to instantly message her, or text us at 617-340-8791.




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