Introducing: Operation Graduation


Right when you were getting the hang of it, they pull the rug out from under you and hand you a diploma. It wasn't so long ago that you were getting your fake ID taken away at Conor’s, learning that tequila isn't always a great idea at 4 am, and roaming Mission Hill for a good house party with a backpack full of beers.You learned enough during the day for them to let you graduate, but you learned the most after sunset (and sometimes well past sunrise.) 


Introducing Operation Graduation, where we're putting the last four years of partying to the test... Buckle up, because it’s gonna get weird.


You’ve got a month left in Boston, a month left as a college student, and a month to get absolutely wild. Yeah, you’ve got a few finals, but you’ve been dealing with those for 4 YEARS already, so the least you could do is roll into them with a ripping hangover. Better yet, just walk-of-shame your ass straight into your last ECON 301 exam, covered in stale champagne and missing a sock.


Yeah, this all sounds great, but how do you make this month really stand out, like off-the-charts, I-can-never-show-my-face-in-Boston-again crazy? We've got that all covered. Throughout the next month, Tablelist is going to be hosting some out of control graduation events, challenging you to some reckless contests, and lots more sponsored debauchery.

What's on deck:

The Launch Party


4/23: Operation Graduation at Whisky Saigon, Boston

Babson Senior Week, Boston

4/24: Senior Week Friday with Arty at Royale

4/24: Venu Anniversary Party


Bottomless Mimosa Brunch at Society on High

Exclusive Parties and Events: TBA


We’re going to make sure that this is the craziest month of your college career, your first challenge is coming soon.


Love, Tablelist.


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