Munchies Roundup: Northeastern Editon


There are plenty of spots around town that are open until 3 am, but there’s a big difference between “open” and late-night munchie heaven.  Save yourself from floppy pizza and dry Chinese food; check out the campus-specific spots our fearless Tablelist Ambassadors designated “The Best Drunk Munchies”.


Tasty Burger

Look at that thing. Well worth the walk through the Fens. Get a milkshake, sit back, and drive one of these into your belly.

Address: 1301 Boylston St, Boston MA 02215



Cappy’s Pizza


Classic, classic, classic. This is a standard go-to for every Northeastern student. Open til 2 am, tasty at all hours.

Address: 82 Westland Ave Boston, MA 02115



Little Steve’s Pizzeria

Sure, Boylston St is a little bit of a walk from campus, but at 2:15 am when you’re hammered and there’s nowhere else to go except Tedeschi’s, how are you gonna argue with a crawl up Mass Ave for some tasty, tasty pizza? Yeah, you aren’t. It’s like a $5 Uber, and the slices are monstrous. 

Address: 1114 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215=//



Wok n Talk

Pick-up, delivery, open til 3 am: this place has it all. If you don’t feel like taking the trip down S Huntington, the delivery to campus is a $1-2 fee. Classic menu, and a safe bet for late-night eats.

Address: 23 S Huntington Ave, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130



Stumble forth into the night with this knowledge. We will be posting a few more roundups around different campuses, and stay tuned for an Allston/Brighton article that covers most of your off-campus needs. Check out our drunk eatery suggestions and let us know what you think! I’d love to see some feedback in your next Tablelist review. 



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