Tablelist Member Spotlight: @OnlyinBos

One of Boston’s top social media influencers, @OnlyInBos took a moment to chat with Tablelist about nightlife, tech, EDM and flying tequila.


@OnlyInBos, you’re always on the pulse of news, politics, social buzz and nightlife in Boston. What are your favorite places to go out?

You know it depends on the night and the mood. If I’m looking for something more low key, I’ll stop by BackBar in Somerville. If I’m looking to party, hear music, and dance, you know I always gravitate towards Storyville in the Back Bay. But I really do make an effort to check out new places. I know there are many more new favorite spots in this city that I have not tried out yet that I need to visit.


Storyville Boston

90 Exeter St, Boston MA, 02116

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storyville boston


EDM has taken a huge hold over the city. When you’re the only city that has an EDM only station, actually it’s not on traditional radio anymore. But I do think Evolution was a big factor in generating a lot of buzz in that genre. I was a huge fan of EDM before its recent mainstream hit, but it’s nice to see big EDM artists visit Boston regularly.


How often do you get table service when you go out?

If I’m going to a nightclub in Boston, it’s table service or go home. If I’m going to go out, I’m going to do it right, not half ass it.


What’s the main reason you get tables?

If I look back on all the times I’ve been involved in the purchase of table service, it’s usually been on big occasions, like birthdays. But sometimes, a lot of people can get together for one night or some friends have all made back in town and we got to do something special.




What’s the craziest table service experience you’ve had? (In Boston or beyond)

If I were to expand this question to a crazy club experience, I was partying in a club in Cape Town, South Africa. They had a performer suspended over the club who would trapeze back and forth above the club dance floor and would often drop down right above our heads with a bottle of tequila in hand dropping shots into club goer’s mouths. I’ve never had a club experience as crazy as that.


If I were to expand this question to a crazy club experience...They had a performer suspended over the club who would trapeze back and forth...who would often drop down right above our heads with a bottle of tequilia in hand dropping shots into club goer’s mouths. 


Tell us about how you book tables.

What’s great about Tablelist is that they make the booking tables part the easiest part of that experience. I think half the battle with booking tables is more confirming who wants to come, who you actually want to come, and who is going to chip in money for the table. And once I determine who wants to split, Tablelist also makes it convenient with the table splitting feature right on the app. In this stage of my life, I’m more of a plan ahead as to when I get table service versus getting it spontaneously. But it’s more because I want as many friends to be free and able to stop by and enjoy the experience.


What do you see for the future of table service?

If we’re talking about the future of table service in Boston, I think there are several things that could be on slate. I think the overall experience will be elevated from how the bottle is brought to the table. A lot of the biggest clubs in the world will have a whole performance associated with purchasing and bringing a new bottle to a table. Boston has an interesting rule in which you can’t have the bottle at your table. I feel that clubs should start to get creative around that rule in order to make sure the bottle is available for their highest paying customers that night.

And then of course, Tablelist is really making it convenient for anyone to have access to table service. It doesn’t have to be that you have to know someone to get that service. It’s all right in the palm of your hands. 



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When’s your next Tablelist night out?

I’m not too sure. I have been trying to make a goal to have a table service every weekend this summer. I know it’s ambitious but I think I could use this as an opportunity to meet more people this summer and just enjoy it. As I meet more and more people in this city because of OIB, love to party with a lot of them and I want to do it right. We’ll see how it goes but you’ll be sure to know when I’m partying next via OIB



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