Meet Tablelist’s Boston Community Manager: Aubrie


Meet Aubrie, Tablelist’s Boston Community Manager and Platinum Concierge. When Aubrie isn’t working hard to make it a great night out for Tablelist users and Tablelist Platinum members every night, she’s competing for the Miss Massachusetts crown or having fun with her rescue dog Meyer. Want to learn more about who’s behind the face of Tablelist Boston? Read on!


aubrie-1.jpgFavorite part of working at Tablelist

Having the opportunity to work with an amazing team of people. We work hard and play hard. I couldn’t ask for more!


Favorite hangover cure

Fresh air. I instantly feel like a new person after spending time walking around outside.  


Favorite DJ




Favorite brunch food

Do mimosas count?


Favorite vacation destination



Favorite restaurant in Boston




Favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix

The Office


Favorite holiday

Christmas Eve


Favorite app (besides Tablelist of course!):

Snapchat! Catch me taking over the Tablelist account- follow us below.



Favorite drink



Favorite Emoji



Favorite cereal




Favorite cupcake



Go-to bottle when you have a table



Your most fun Tablelist night out

New Years Day at Gem Brunch! The whole Boston team working so hard during NYE to pull off an amazing night for our Tablelist members. It was awesome being able to celebrate with everyone at one of our favorite spots in the city. Lots of champagne of dancing. It’s always a great time with team Tablelist.



Favorite Tablelist feature

Platinum Membership! I love being able to offer exclusive perks to our extra special members at our venue partners and events. It’s like being a VIP without having to buy a table every time you go out!

Tablelist Pro-Tip

Tablelist Platinum members have a concierge on just about 24/7 who can answer any questions you have or help set you up with custom tables. It’s a great tool to have and use and you are talking to a real person! (p.s. Sometimes you’re talking directly to me :D)



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