Learn How Can Connect Introduce You to Your New BFF, Tonight

Welcome to the Friend Zone. Tablelist Connect shows you a real-time guestlist of everyone heading to the same event with you, then lets you swipe, match and chat. It’s not only handy for networking or dating, you can also take advantage of this feature to find friends with similar interests. Read on to see our suggestions for paving the way to a great friendship.

Step 1:

Book a ticket or VIP table to an upcoming event that you’re interested in. Need a couple recommendations? Check out our top events in Boston and NYC to use Connect. After you book you’ll activate Connect, then start swiping!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.56.17 AM.png


Step 2:

Once you connect with potential pals, start chatting. Check out people’s profiles for hints about their interests or occupation, and don’t forget to chat about the event you’re headed to. Your match likely enjoys the same music, DJ, or venue that you do, so you’ve got a lot in common already.



Step 3:

Once you’ve had meaningful conversations with a few Connect users, plan to meet up in person. You can wait to meet at the event you’re both headed to, or plan to pregame beforehand. If the event’s a few weeks out, plan a fun “friend date” to get to know each other better. “Friend dates” can include grabbing coffee, going to a workout class, checking out a movie or museum, or simply grabbing a bite to eat.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 7.31.53 PM.png


Step 4:

If you hit it off, continue this friendship by going out together to different Tablelist events together. We suggest planning to see your favorite DJ, or even heading to a festival with your new found friend. The options are endless!



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