July Bottle Girl of the Month: Tayla from Bijou Boston

This month we celebrate Tayla at Bijou Boston for her exceptional service, fun attitude and how she goes above and beyond for her Tablelist tables. There’s always a reason to party at Bijou, so book your next table on Tablelist with Tayla!

What nights do you work?

Bijou Thursday and Saturday


Whats the most popular order you get?

The most popular order I will get from a table would be definitely Red Bull Vodka.



What do you do to make a night extra special for your tables?

I make the night special for my customers by making them feel like I’m one of their friends partying with them for the night (dancing, smiling and making jokes).  I think it’s very important to remember what the table is drinking so when they’re running low on a drink, I’m already whipping up a new one! Also, if a table orders one our top champagnes (Ace of Spades or Dom P.) I like to put on a big show for them either with cages, shields or lights! 




How many drinks do you pour in one night?

I usually pour about 30-80 drinks depending on the table size and how many tables I have. We can have up to 2 tables a night.

What makes your venue the best?

Bijou is different than any other nightclub in Boston – providing you with the best customer service around! The definition of Bijou means “Jewel” and without a doubt we’re the jewel of Boston. But, what really makes it the best for me is our staff; we’re all a big family. #TheresPartiesThenTheresBijou



What’s a fun fact about your venue that most people don’t know?

We sell Burgers and Fries! You have a choice to either eat it there or take it to go. They’re the perfect treat – not to mention they’re absolutely delicious! (Check out our blog post about Bijou’s amazing burgers here)

What’s the craziest thing a table has ever asked you to do?

A girl once asked me to kiss her boyfriend in front of her.  (yuck!)



Who is the coolest client you’ve ever served?

Jay Z! This was during the Legends of the Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake.



What’s the craziest/strangest thing a table of yours has been celebrating?

A girl was celebrating a break up with her boyfriend after 5 years. I was sure to keep the drinks flowing that night.

What’s the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

“Did you know your body is 65% water and I’m thirsty” 



What’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?


Do you see any cool trends in nightlife?




What do you love about your Tablelist tables?

I like how organized booking a table through Tablelist is, once we put the order in the system, I am able to bring out the bottles and have it ready for the table. As soon as they walk over to the table, I’m already filling up the cups with ice to get the night started for them! Since everything is pre-ordered and paid for, this makes the night go smooth and everyone ends up having a great time!

Who’s your favorite local Boston DJ (where do they spin, what nights)?

Vinyl Disciples! They spin at Bijou on Thursday and Saturday nights.



What do you like to do on your nights off?

On my nights off I like to go to the Cafeteria on Newbury Street or Committee in the Seaport. Two amazing spots!




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