In The Know: Bijou's Late Night Burger and Fries


Its a perfect night in Boston - You're out at your favorite club, listening to the best tunes come from from the best speakers. That new song from your favorite DJ is about to drop and you're surrounded by your best friends. Things couldn't get better right?


You don't have that one piece that will take your night to the next the level. You don't have your Bijou Burger & Fries.

Let me take you on the journey that was my Saturday Night and why the Bijou burger took it from Epic to Legendary:



Now everybody who knows Boston nightlife knows about Bijou - great DJ's, big VIP headliner acts and a sound system that will leave your knees wobbly. But Bijou has some well kept secrets. Like their master chefs. It's going to be on your bottle service menu of course, you've got to be 'In The Know' on this one. 



Here's how you get one:

  1. -Grab a couple of Bottles 
  2. -Make sure you and your team are on your A-game, Bijou is one of the sexiest clubs in Boston because of how hard it's doors are to clear.
  3. -Now party like it's 1999 - You'll need to work up an appetite to wolf this masterpeice down, so drink up!
  4. -Ask your bottle girl for the coup de gras - The Bijou Burger. 




Words cannot truly express the experience of that first bite so here's the closest thing that comes to mind:



Yes. A dove flying through rose petals.

Like the mystical first bite of the Bijou Burger's 100% sirloin beef flying through my taste buds and leading me into a heavenly paradise at 1AM.


The burger is well seasoned with a variety of spices that tastle like they were grown in a vegetable garden that is surrounded by exotic animals and streets of gold. Some may call it the garden of eden. I can't call the Bijou burger food. It's an experience.


Pro Tip: Don't forget to chase your burger with champagne. I tend to double fist a burger and a bottle of Möet. 




If that picture of the succulent masterpeice wasnt enough.. I implore you - Go to Bijou & try it yourself! 

Stay tuned for the next edition of In The Know, each Friday we'll be providing you with the best kept secrets from your favorite clubs. Helping you take your night from epic, to Legendary.

Now stop reading & go drink some champagne.


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