How-To: Network Using Tablelist Connect

Tablelist Connect lets you see the real-time guest list of party goers heading to the same event you are, then swipe, match and message with them. Think Connect is just for finding your next date? Think again! Use Connect to make new business contacts, too. Read on for top Pro-Tips to Network Using Tablelist Connect.

Start the Conversation


  • 1. “Are you in town for the Marketing conference? My company is involved!”
  • 2. “Noticed you work for that epic event planning company, I’m apart of a start up and we’d love to plan a launch party! Do you have time to hop on a call this week? I’d love to learn more about your company.”
  • 3. “Saw your working at that new start up downtown! I loved to learn more about the company’s hiring opportunities.”
  • 4. “I see you work at that awesome Marketing agency, what do you do there?”
  • 5. “I have friends what work at that Consulting company too, it’s such a small world!”
  • 6.“I just read in TechCrunch that your company just finished a huge round of funding, congratulations!”


Meeting In Person

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.15.07 AM.png 

Remember, you want to keep it professional, especially if you’re looking to potentially get hired. Remember, you’ll see them at the event that’s coming up that you both bought tickets or a VIP table for, but you can plan to meet up beforehand in a neutral place: coffee shop, cafe, casual dinner spot. 

Some great questions to ask while meeting up include:


Looking for a job:

1. What was your experience like securing this job?  

2. How long have you worked there?

3. What is a typical work day like?

4. Do you have to travel a lot?

5. What do you wish you’d known about your position before starting?

6. Who do you think I should contact about the accounting job listed on the job       board?


Looking to partner:

1. Do you think this would create a lot of hype with our customers?

2. What is the best way to execute this so we attract new customers?

3. Where do you think we should hold the launch event? 


Closing the Deal



1. Make sure you exchange business cards

2. If you’re looking for a job, make sure you have a resume handy.

3. After your meeting, connect on LinkedIn 

4. Send a follow up email to ensure you stay top of mind and display your interest



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