How to: Dress Like a Pro on New Year's Eve

There's no shortage of holiday soirees this season, and New Year's Eve is the ultimate. Whether you're a style savant like Don Draper, or prefer drinking Don Julio in your sweatpants, NYE is the night to bring your A-game. It's not always easy to get the right look for the occasion (and vague event invites without dress code info certainly don't help), but fear not, even if you don't work at GQ, Tablelist is here to make everyone think you do on NYE.




The Event: Black Tie Gala

The Look: Modern Tuxedo 

The Pro-tip: Mix fabrics (Velvet jackets are on-trend), or opt for a patterned bow-tie to make the look modern. 




The Event: Nightclub New Year's in VIP

The Look: An eye-catching outfit to stand out in the crowd.

The Pro-tip: Set yourself apart from the pants-and-button-down party goers. Be bold in a sequin blazer, but make it sleek and monochromatic. Extra pro-tip: 99% of girls are wearing some kind of sequin outfit on NYE, so use this as an instant conversation starter.


"You're wearing sequins...I'm wearing sequins...", you know the rest.



Choose Your New Year's Table



The Event: Laid-back Lounge Party

The Look: Snappy Casual 

The Pro-Tip: Combine comfort and style with layers, textures and patterns. Don't forget dress shoes, as lounge events may still require proper footwear.Browse top lounge events on Tablelist now.





The Event: Your Neighborhood Bar or a House Party

The Look: Your style, with a 2016 update

The Pro-tip: Lucky for you, it's a wear-what-you-want NYE. But why not make it special? This is the fist look you'll rock into 2016, so be bold with details and daring with accessories. Be that guy at the party with a top hat and cane. Why not?





Bonus Event: The Great Gatsby themed NYE

The Look: If there was ever a time for a pocket square on monocle, this is it.

The Pro-tip: With no shortage of Gatsby themed NYE's this year, this style deserves a category all it's own. Go retro with 1920s details. For maximum attention, go for the white dinner-jacket and wingtips.



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