How to Avoid: The Top 5 Valentine’s Day Faux Pas


Ah, Valentine’s Day. Where so much can go amazingly right, sweeping your date right off their feet; or tragically wrong, placing you in dating infamy until your chance for redemption in 2016. To prevent the latter from happening, here are 5 things that you absolutely MUST NOT do.



1. NOT getting flowers. This is standard protocol but still, somehow, some miss the boat on taking care of this simple gesture. In NYC, there’s a flower stand every two blocks. Just get a couple dozen roses and call it a day. Although you think women expect them, the reality is they’re always appreciative to still get them. And unless they’re allergic, there’s no woman on this planet who doesn’t enjoy getting flowers.


2. Having a first date. While certain situations can suspect you for setting false expectations for a first date, having it on Valentine’s Day is worst of the offense. There’s no true need to go deeper into this. Just. Don’t. Do it.


3. Getting her lingerie. Let’s be honest, this “gift” is NOT for her. It’s for you, and no matter how much you know, it’s unlikely you’ll get something she’ll ultimately like. If you want to do something sexy, focus on making her feel sexy. A boudoir photoshoot can allow your someone to embrace their sexuality and have fun doing so. And you’ll still get the benefit of reliving each sexy moment through various photos.


4. Breaking up with them. You will be easily the most hated person in the world. Time Magazine may not officially nominate you but Valentine’s Day will constantly serve as the reminder of the dumped person’s plot for revenge against you.


5. Book an expensive restaurant. So you know how a bar will offer NYE tickets and crazy parties for seemingly hundreds of dollars when you were just there yesterday for free? Valentine’s Day is almost no different. With prix fixe menus and overbooked reservations, many restaurants make the worst place to take your date.


As someone who’s done it before, there’s nothing less romantic than sitting far across from your date, paying for expensive food, and yelling across the table because the other couple two feet from you are trying to get to know each other. Find a smaller, cozier place (preferably with a fireplace) where you two can sit closer and chat more intimately.


While there are things you can do to make Valentine’s Day NOT awesome, the most important thing to remember is that doing something is better than not doing anything at all. And if you happen to be freaking out, know that you have a wingman who can save the day. At the end of the day, if there’s anything you take from this, it’s my mantra.


Keep it simple, but significant.


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