How does my Tablelist concierge work?

Whether you are new to Tablelist, or just interested in how to get the most out of our service, this quick guide to the Tablelist concierge experience should hopefully answer your questions. MEET_YOUR_CONCIERGE.jpg

Trying to navigate the world of nightlife can be confusing, and we understand that. It’s why we started Tablelist, and it’s why we believe our concierge service is such an important part of our service. 

What is a Tablelist concierge?

Simply put, a Tablelist concierge is your personal connection to the inner world of nightlife. They are here to help you with anything you need for a great night out.

What can a concierge do for me?

  • Help plan your night from start to finish
    • They are great for birthdays!
  • Answer any question you might have about ANYTHING nightlife
  • Make recommendations based on your interests (our concierges know all of the best stuff going on in your city)
  • Work on custom requests with venue managers
  • Work on special accommodations
  • If anything comes up during your night out, your concierge is available to help


Does my Tablelist concierge cost extra?

No way! Our concierge service always has been –and always will be– free. 

How do I get started with a concierge?

There is a widget at the bottom of every page that looks a little something like this: talktous-1.png 

Or, you can text them at 617-340-8791 to get started!


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