#ChampagneSafely With Tablelist Champagne Shower Protection Gear

Our mission here at Tablelist has always been to simplify nightlife for our members and venue partners alike. But with Champagne Wars on the rise, we couldn’t ignore this issue of national safety any longer. Introducing Champagne Shower Protection Gear, exclusively by Tablelist.



It’s a battle zone out there; from Vegas to Ibiza, LA to NYC, no one is safe. Incidents of Champagne Wars have risen 640% in the past year, with more than 146,000 bottles of bubbly used to shower unsuspecting victims in 2015 alone. Most terrifying of all, advanced weaponry has hit the market, including the Champagne Machine Gun which has brought on long-range attacks at dayclubs and backyard BBQs alike.




That’s why Tablelist is encouraging our members, friends and family to #ChampagneSafely with Champagne Shower Protection Gear, available exclusively by Tablelist.




Limited Edition – Reinforced for attacks up to 4 bottles at once (equivalent to 1 Jeroboam). Only $299








Luxury Plastic Eye Shield – Optimized for both Brut and Extra Dry attacks. Only $179






Tablelist encourages YOU to #ChampagneSafely. 

By arming yourself with Champagne Shower Protection Gear, you can be prepared for Ace of Spades attacks, Moet massacres, Belaire barrages, and even Andre assaults.




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