Bottle Service 101: Packages

When it comes to table service, every order can be unique as your night out. You can choose your bottles, select your mixers, and opt for any extras your group might want. But, if you like your nightlife wrapped up in a neat little bow, a table package might be for you. Want to know exactly what you’re getting as you decipher your package’s details? Read on.




What is a VIP Table Package?

A table package comes pre-planned with bottles, extras, and tax and tip is often included. Packages often offer a discount, deal, or added value to your night out.


Give me an example:

VIP Table Package: $1500

This VIP table package includes:

  • -tickets & VIP entry for 8 guests
  • -2 bottles of premium liquor of your choice on the menu
  • -unlimited mixers (excluding Red Bull),
  • -1 bottle of Moet champagne
  • -a private VIP dance floor table,
  • -personal waitress and party favors
  • -price includes tax & gratuity


Let’s Break It Down:

Tickets & VIP entry for 8 guests: Eight people can get in “VIP”, meaning they will skip the line and will not pay cover or ticket charge.




2 bottles of premium liquor: You’ll choose 2 bottles of top-shelf (Grey Goose, Belvedere, Bombay, Bacardi… brands that you’d request by name are generally considered top-shelf) included in the package price 




Unlimited Mixers: Your bottles come with complimentary standard mixers like sodas, cranberry, orange, and pineapple. This package states that Red Bull is not included, so Red Bulls will be an extra charge.




A private VIP table: Your table is included in the package. This package’s table is on the dance floor level of the nightclub. Location is included (and factored into) the package price.




Personal waitress: Your table includes a waitress for the evening that will pour and mix your drinks. If her gratiuity is included in the package price, that will usually be noted next.












Party favors: This package includes standard party favors/ swag. Each club has different extras for their VIPs.













Tax and Gratuity: Tax and Gratuity (often called “service” or “tip”) is included in this package, so you will not have to pay extra on the package price.


Have additional questions about what a table package includes? Your Tablelist concierge is on call 24/7 to answer your questions, free of charge. Reach out to her at 617-340-8791.




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