Boston’s Top Spots For Celebrating Your Bachelor Party

There are a few things I believe to be true about a bachelor party in Boston. One is that no bouncer in the city likes to see a whole crew of dudes roll up to the door and bump the ratio towards “sausagefest.” And even if you are getting through the door, nobody wants to listen to you obnoxious bastards in line for 45 minutes, so bottle service will do you well. Secondly, it isn’t a bachelor party in Boston if you don’t end up on Lagrange St, paying some nice young lady’s electric bill in the form of $1 bills, so all of these spots are conveniently located near the nudie bars.


Here’s a short list of spots in town that I’d suggest for a bachelor party. Make sure the bachelor enjoys it while he can, because it’s all mortgages and in-laws asking for grandkids from here on out.


Whisky Saigon


Whiskey Saigon is an excellent spot for a bachelor party, located down in “the alley” in Boylston Place. Great soundsystem, the service is phenomenal, and the VIP section is right alongside the dancefloor, which I am a big fan of. Additionally, Whisky Saigon is a ~2 minute stagger to New York Pizza, and a ~3 minute stagger to Centerfolds.



Stage is also in the alley, and there is no mistaking that you are in the Theater District when you step through the secret bookcase entrance. They’ve got a full-blown vaudeville theme going, complete with flappers, gin martinis, top hats, and circus performers. Stage is a great venue for something a little different, and although they have an 18th-century style, their sound and lights are anything but. Side note: if you are looking for a bite to eat on your way over to the Slipper, I highly recommend Maria’s Taqueria for some bitchin’ burritos.



We’ve left the alley, but we’re still in the Theater District, and still within throwing distance of Lagrange (I’ve got you covered.) Per ICON’s website: “ICON blends the appeal of a high-energy nightclub and an ultra-exclusive lounge,” which about sums it up for me. Bumping soundsystem, crazy lightshows, and a lively dancefloor for you to meet girls on (except for the chump getting married.)



Royale is a half-block from ICON and has been a Boston classic since the night it opened. A self-proclaimed “mega club,” Royale has an awesome layout, crisp soundsystem, a consistent rotation of world-class entertainment, and a very attentive staff.

Rooftop at Revere


Last on the list, but a big winner, is Rooftop at Revere. This one is an outlier on the list, because it’s a daytime spot. WITH A POOL. Seriously, you can rent a goddamn cabana for the day, with killer views of the city. This is a prime choice for daydrinking in Boston during the summer, and the cabana package, for $725, covers 4 guests a fruit platter, water, towels, and a $500 credit towards food and drinks.

If you are trying to plan a bachelor party in Boston, hit me up and I’ll throw you a $50 Tablelist credit before your buddy legally signs away his freedom in exchange for whatever married people do. Better him than you, right?

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