Boat Cruise Summer Series: FAQ


Setting sail on the Boat Cruise Summer Series with Tablelist? Awesome! Here are some FAQs and Pro-Tips you should know.


When should I arrive at the dock?

  • Boarding Time: 6:00PM Sharp
  • Departs Dock: 7:00PM on the DOT! The boat will leave people behind. Be there early.
  • Returns: 10:00PM
  • Location: 200 Seaport BLVD. Boston MA (Located at the END of the dock near ABG and Whiskey Priest)


What is the dress code?

There is no particular dress code for the Boat Cruise Summer Series. We suggest dressing fun and in summer attire, but bringing a jacket because it can get cold on the water. Check the weather for rain and bring gear if it might rain- the boat will go RAIN OR SHINE! For girls, we suggest flats rather than heels so you can navigate around the boat more easily.



After party:

Is my ticket good for the after party? 

If you have a COMBO ticket, yes it is good for the after party.

If you bought just a Boat Cruise ticket, you can purchase the after party ticket on Tablelist.


Can I get a ticket for my friend?


Yes: it is okay if you have both your ticket and your friends ticket on your app, they can both be scanned upon arrival. You can text a screenshot to them as well! It does not matter that your name is on it if your friend wants to use it. You can find them in the Manage tab on your app and then Highlight admissions.


Should I bring cash on the boat?


YES! The boat has a CASH ONLY bar- no credit cards will be accepted. There are ATMs on the boat, but the ATM will charge a convince fee. We advise bringing cash for your drinks.


What should I expect at the security check point?

Security is very tight on the boat. First, your ID will be checked. All boat cruises are strictly 21+, no exceptions. Then, your bags, purses or pockets may be checked. No weapons, drugs, drinks or other contraband are allowed. Professional photography equipment will not be allowed. If you are overly intoxicated, you may be turned away. 


What are the set times for the DJs?

Headling DJs will perform on the top deck, and set times may vary. There will be an opener on the top deck and a DJ performing on the middle deck as well.


Is there parking?

There are multiple lots in the Seaport for parking. Rates will be as specified by the Parking Garage or Lot.





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