The Economics of Bottle Service

When it comes to the discerning nightlife connoisseur it can often be economically more responsible to engage in the time-honored tradition of poppin’ bottles.   

The most common notion is that bottle service is wildly expensive and for only those who can throw away their hard-earned dollars on frivolity, but when you examine the numbers it simply does not have to be true.  There are a few factors that balance the books, and when you factor how much more positive your overall experience for the night is, it is hardly even a question how you should be spending your next Friday night!    


Consider the Per Person Per Drink Value

When you look at it, most clubs or lounges have table minimums that put the per person spend anywhere from as low as $30 to as high as $150.  Thirty dollars should be no problem for anyone about to walk into a club.  Hell, you’ll spend almost that on two drinks!  Admittedly, $150 is a bit steeper, but when you consider the value you get for that 150 drink -for-drink, you are easily spending less than you would if you were buying from the bar.  

Tablelist Perk:  Our app lets you split the evening’s tab with your tablemates.  No more situations of the club not splitting cards and everyone having to pay you back later in cash.  



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Forget the Cover Charge

 So not only are you also paying less drink for drink, but by being a VIP you are skipping the door.  This means you are saving between 10 and 20 dollars.   


What Are Lines?

Ever heard the saying “time is money”, well clubbing is no exception.  Who wants to spend any amount of time waiting outside in a line when they could be partying their face off?  Bottle service conveniently solves this problem.  When you pop bottles in the VIP, there is a no such thing as lines, and as I eluded to above. 

Why Buy When You Can Pour?

Why do people go to clubs if not to meet members of the opposite sex?  A standby of this age-old dance is to buy a lady a drink while you talk to her.  Depending on what she is drinking this can quickly run up a hefty tab with tip factored in, but with bottles you can simply snap your fingers for an extra champagne flute, pop some bubbly and relax knowing that its already paid for.  


Net Enjoyment is the Final Goal

If you’ve never popped bottles then you don’t know, but the simple act of having your own sectioned off area with bottles while most everyone else does not just makes you feel so much better.  When you feel better, you have more fun and that is the goal any night that you go out right?   



The Verdict?

Even if you spend marginally more money than you might have otherwise, with bottle-service your purchasing power for each dollar is far greater.  Each dollar you spend gets you: more fun, more booze, more time to enjoy yourself, and an increased chance of getting laid.




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