Best Ways To Go Big This NYE (On A Budget)

It’s key to go out big on New Years Eve, but how can you do it without breaking the bank? Here are some suggestions on having an awesome night out, and even one for an awesome New Years Day! budget_nye.png


Rent The Runway


Dressing to the nines is completely necessary. I whole-heartedly believe in the expression “it’s the hanger, not the clothes”, but if you’ve fallen in love with a designer dress and can’t seem to find anything similar, I know it’s hard to get that outfit off your mind. Thanks to rent the runway, you can rock that expensive dress for a NORMAL PRICE and even get two sizes (for the perfect fit) sent for a couple bucks more.

Host A Pregame


Whether you decide to host one or attend one, a pregame is a great way to have actual conversations and save money on drinks. You and a few friends can split a bottle of top-shelf alcohol, and all get a buzz going for what you would spend on a round of shots anywhere else.

Book Early

Club Lines

Just like airline fares, ticket prices will rise. Since there is a limited supply of tickets, as clubs do reach capacity on NYE, book sooner than later. I know it is not easy to get the crew all on board for the same club, when the night seems so far away, but do your wallet a favor and get your SH*T together people.

Split Tab/Use Presplit Feature


After shooting a suggestion for NYE to your group chat, MAKE POWER MOVES and use our pre-splitting feature. This will further encourage your friends to make more of a game time decision in that moment, rather than a couple days before. The best part? Your card won’t be charged until you have your desired about of people at the table. This ensures that you won’t spend more than you initial budget.

Prepare For The Day After

Hangover dog

Because time = money. Even though New Year’s Day is a holiday for most people, start the new year right. Have a coconut water or Gatorade in the refrigerator, and meet up with friends for a late brunch. You can discuss your goals for the year. You might even find the energy to make it to the gym – a resolution so many people have.


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