Best Movies for Netflix & Chill

We know exactly how we want to chill, but what are we going to Netflix? Here's a list of movies that should help lead to other things. The key here is a predictable plot, because the last thing you want is to have your date so engrossed in your choice that she forgets you're there. Strong plots have NO CHILL. 

Check the end of this post for an easy dinner to help you really lock it up.


10. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale are trying to have a relaxing vacation in the woods, but hilarity ensues when they rescue a college girl from drowning and her friends mistake them for killers. Lighthearted horror/humor (think Sean of the Dead) that will have you chilling in no time.


9. Garden State

Chicks love Zach Braff, and this quirky love story is an easy one to watch. The Shins crush the soundtrack, and it's predictable enough that you can get on to other things without feeling like you missed a revolutionary plot twist. 


8. Cloud Atlas

Honestly, this is a pretty slow and confusing movie. Which is why it's a great choice, because not only will your date be bored, they will REALLY want to do something else. 


7. Wall-E

This would score much higher if it was actually on Netflix. Unfortunately, you'll have to hop on Amazon and rent it ($3.99 with Prime/Student), but it's worth it. Anything Pixar is basically an aphrodisiac on film, but Wall-E wins because there isn't much dialogue.

*Avoid "Up," because you'll both be crying 30 seconds in. Unless that's your thing.


6. Wedding Crashers

Easy choice, because everyone has seen it, and there are enough one-liners in there that you can have a laugh without really following the plot. You have more important things to do.

Netflix and chill not going well? Sneak off to the bathroom and open up the Tablelist app. Book somethingon the spot, and go hit up a club to ball out for the rest of the night! Easy.

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5. The Secretary

Dark. Funny. Lots of sexual tension. All the fixings of a successful Netflix & Chill.


4. The Big Lebowski

Absolute classic, a great choice for any occasion, and a great choice for Netflix & chill. 


3. 180º South

Surfing. Nature. Boats. Mountains. Killer soundtrack. Pairs well with a cheap bottle of Pinot Noir and some serious Chill.


2. Anything Disney

Short-list includes: Mulan, Tarzan, Robin Hood. 


1. Planet Earth

You should have seen this coming, because Planet Earth is, hands-down, the best background film EVER created. My personal suggestion for an episode is "Shallow Seas," and you'll be on your way to greater things in no time. 


Honorable Mentions:

  • 13 Assassins
  • The Fifth Element
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
  • Archer (TV Show)
  • Clerks


Hopefully this list will have you cruising towards Chill in no time.

Remember: cooking dinner will ALWAYS step up your N&C game, even if it's just pasta. If you are going with pasta, here is a nice little cheat that's basically butter and noodles, but looks classy as hell.


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