Best Blizzard Drinking Games

It's that time of the year again, which means there's only one thing to do: Blizzard party! Let's get wasted with some drinking games and forget about the fact that it's only just begun.BLIZZARD1.png



Requires electricity, friends optional.

"It's just like '78, Karl! If you already got your bread and milk, start hunkering!"

First, throw on the news. Once you've finished crying at the 7-day forecast, crack open a drink and get started.

Sip every time they say "blizzard"

2-second drink every time they show a user-submitted photo

Gulp everytime they mention the Blizzard of '78

Finish drink when they show a grocery store with the shelves emptied

Shot every time the reporter throws a snowball

Bonus: Change the channel every time someone says "hunker," because it's the stupidest word ever


Sorry, Not Sorry

Best results with 4 friends and something you can handle chugging. Great for when the power goes out

"MOM!!! Tell him to stop sending me back!"

We all remember this classic game of "fuck your little brother over until he cries and throws a punch." Well now it's time for the grownup version, where hopefully nobody cries or gets punched, but that's all up to you.

Play game as normal, but you can deny a "sorry" by taking a drink and yelling "NO YOU AREN'T!"

The Catch: You can't just sit there and call BS all the time, right? Every time you refuse a "sorry," you have to add an extra drink. Meaning the third time, you're having three drinks, and so on. 


King Cup

Minimum 3 friends, full deck of card, and booze. Electricity not required.

Style points for chugging Moet instead of PBR

Ace: Waterfall! If you pick an ace, chug for as long as you want, and everyone else has to chug with you. Once you stop, the person to your right can stop, and then the person the their right can stop, and so on. 

Two: "You." Pick the two, and you pick someone to drink.

Three: "Me." You have to drink.

Four: "Whores." The nice young ladies have to drink.

Five: "Jive." Pull a five, and do a dance move. The person to your right has to do the same one, and add their own. This goes until someone screws up. It's like H-O-R-S-E for drunk boogying.

Six: "Dicks." The men have to drink.

Seven: "Heaven." The last person to put their hands up drinks.

Eight: "Mate." You pick someone who must drink when you do, and vice versa.

Nine: "Bust a rhyme." Pull a nine, say a word, and everyone else has to come up with a rhyming word. When someone can't think of one, they drink.

Ten: "Categories." Pick a ten, and choose a category. Everyone has to say something that fits into the category, and if they can't, they drink.

Jack: "Never have I ever." Everyone holds up 5 fingers, and the person who picks the card says something they've never done. If you've done it, you put your finger down, and the first to put all their fingers down drinks. Great way to embarrass friends.

Queen: "Questions." Draw a queen, and ask anyone a question. They then ask someone else a question until someone either laughs, or answers instead of asking someone else a question.

King: "Make a rule." Draw a king, and make any rule you want. The rule stands until the next king is drawn. The first three people who draw a King pours some of their drink into the Kings Cup in the middle, and the person who pulls the last ends the game, and has to chug the Kings Cup.



4+ friends, full deck of cards, booze


"Ha! Ethel doesn't suspect a thing."

Get rid of your cards as quickly as possible by lying to your friends. 

Rules: Evenly deal cards to everyone, and the person to the left of the dealer begins by laying out all of their Aces, face down. They can lie about what they lay down, how many they lay down, whatever, but must announce the cards they are putting down. (Cards must be the same). 

The next player must lay out their next lowest card, meaning that it a 10 was played, they want to lay out a 9. Once a 2 is laid out, it goes back to Aces. If you suspect someone is lying, call bullshit. The cards are revealed, and if you're right the liar drinks; if you're wrong, you drink. 

The game goes until someone lays out all their cards, at which point everyone else has to finish their drinks.



4+ friends, Scattergories (lists available online), and a solid buzz

This gets offensive real quick.

After you complete a page (three lists), go around as usual and add up points. Each time people have the same words, they have to drink. At the end, the person with the most points doesn't have to drink, and the losers drink as many sips as how badly they lost (winner scored 9, you scored 2, you drink 7.) 


Bonus: Voting on whether a word counts or not, with an appeals process, makes for a hilarious time once you get a bit liquored up.

If drinking in your apartment isn't your thing, get out and get reckless at one of our clubs or lounges. The only thing better than sharing the misery with a room full of strangers is sitting at the beach, which you aren't doing!New Call-to-action