Back to School Handbook: Nailing the Housewarming Party


As September 1st approaches and we return to Boston, the thing on everybody’s mind is partying. If you were living at home for the summer, you can’t wait for the freedom of living on your own again. If you were around this summer, you can’t wait for the city to fill up and all of your friends to finally be back! Regardless, there is celebrating to do.

If you’re moving into a new apartment this fall, you win! You get to throw a housewarming party! The practical benefit of a housewarming party is that it forces you to actually unpack and get settled in, because nothing forces you to organize like knowing that your friends are coming over to judge your new place. It also gives you the opportunity to show off your cute new home, and all of the trendy furniture that you probably spent a little bit too much money on.


Nothing ties a room together like a few pictures on the wall


With the actual “house” part out of the way, we can focus on the more important stuff: the party! Not only do you not have to Uber across the city to hang out, you’re pretty much guaranteed several housewarming gifts – aka free bottles of wine.

FullSizeRender-7Wine: Best gift ever!


After a few hours of “housewarming,” rally the troops to explore your new neighborhood. Your friends will help you figure out where you’ll be spending a lot of your time – and where you won’t (best to find the shady bars with a group of your friends rather than alone). Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble into your new go-to spot for the semester!


Fresh flowers are another easy way to brighten up your new home


A couple of tips to make sure your housewarming is a smashing success:

Have a Spotify playlist lined up ahead of time 

Avoid that awkward moment when a song ends and you haven’t picked the next one yet.


Prepare a signature drink 


You have a lot of options here. You can choose a party theme and a drink that matches (e.g. Mexican and margs). If you want to ensure that things get a little crazy, you can go with some classic Jell-O shots. Or, if you’re feeling particularly inspired, get on Pinterest and find a recipe for a drink you’ve been wanting to try, or a funky twist on one of your usual favorites. This whole housewarming thing gives you an excuse to embrace your domestic side, and really get creative

Put out appetizers for your guests – you’re an adult now!


Not great in the kitchen? Pick up some frozen appetizers from Trader Joe’s to throw in the oven right before people arrive! If your drink has a theme, you can use appetizers to tie everything together. If not, this is an excuse to try something totally new. Go for it; buy something you can’t even pronounce! Nobody’s going to say anything, it’s your party!


Make sure you’ve done research of the neighborhood ahead of time 


Have two or three bars close by that you want to try out. This way if one is a bust, you and your girls can move on without any trouble.

Lastly, as a guest of a housewarming party it’s basically required that you bring a bottle of wine. If you want to take it a step further, a candle is a great (and cheap) gift to bring that every girl loves, and every new home needs. Also, offer to bring food! Your host most likely won’t take you up on it, but just offering will certainly get you invited back.

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