Announcing Tablelist Connect: Swipe, Match and Chat with Other Event Attendees

Today, Tablelist has announced a new feature to change the way party-goers plan their night and meet each other. Tablelist Connect allows purchasing users to view a real-time guest list, then swipe, match and chat with people that will be going out to the same venue or event.


“It has always been our mission to improve nightlife for our users and venue partners alike” says Julian Jung, CEO and Founder of Tablelist. “We’ve revolutionized the discovery and booking process on Tablelist, but something was still missing. After speaking with hundreds of users, a common theme emerged, that nightlife is all about meeting people, and the social part of the experience was what they value the most. We thought, how can we add a social layer to the consumer app, that allows our users to interact in a meaningful way, and Tablelist Connect was born.”


“Nightlife is all about meeting people, and the social part of the experience was what [our users] value the most.” – Julian Jung, Tablelist CEO & Founder


Tablelist Connect is unique because users must have purchased a ticket or table at the same event or venue in order to interact, bridging the gap from app to experience. Connect’s swiping interface will feel familiar to users that have apps like Tinder or Bumble, but onboarding and notifications will encourage conversations that branch far beyond romantic pursuits. Tablelist users expressed interest in using Connect to expand their circle of party friends, make business connections, or run into old acquaintances. Tablelist Connect users could even swipe with a DJ or celebrity host from their event, ready to interact with their fans. Meaningful conversations can happen before the club lights flash and the loud music starts, allowing users to optimize their social experience.




With privacy concerns in mind, Tablelist Connect will have an opt-in or opt-out option on each transaction, allowing total control for every user. As for social etiquette on Connect? “Beta tests showed that users on Connect were likely to be more respectful than on other swiping apps” says Jung. “Because users knew they’d be at the same nightclub, lounge or event later on, they were well behaved in their conversations on Connect. Beta testers reported back that they were invited to pregame or dinner before going out, or even to meet up at the bar and have a drink. Online to offline happened seamlessly.”




The Tablelist Connect feature is now live on the Tablelist app, which is free in the App Store and Google Play store. Users can preview the feature on the navigation bar by tapping the chat bubble icon, but will only unlock Connect when they make a purchase for an upcoming event. With the holidays approaching, the Tablelist team hopes to leverage all the seasonal celebrations to Connect users with one another, especially to help the more than 15,000 expected New Year’s Eve buyers to Connect with their midnight kiss, or get a head-start on resolutions by making new friends and business contacts.



About Tablelist:

Founded in 2013 and backed by Twitter Executive Wayne Chang and Advisor Rande Gerber of Gerber Spirits, Tablelist is the leading nightlife booking platform in Boston, NYC, Miami, Washington DC, Las Vegas, The Hamptons, San Francisco, and Foxwoods Casino. An expert in the industry, Tablelist boasts seamless VIP table booking, ticketing, exclusive events, a full-time concierge service, and general admission options at 250+ venue partners using iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Learn more at




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