8 Basic Snaps Every Girl Takes On a Night Out

Snapchat has become one of the most commonly used social media apps, and hundreds of millions of snaps are sent each day. Most people send snapchats on a daily basis, which last anywhere from 1-10 seconds. Sometimes they post snapchat stories, which remain in a feed for 24 hours for all of their friends to see. SNAPCHATS.jpg

The most common nights for stories are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I guess once the drinks start flowing, the snaps start going. Hopefully you aren’t one of THOSE people who post stories over 100 seconds long, but if you are, I am SURE you’re familiar with these 8 basic snapchats every girl takes during a night out.


The Pregame Snap

Pregame Snapchats

Your outfit is on P and you’re ready to start drinking. Let the world know you’re looking good and feeling even better, about to venture out for a night on the town


The Uber-To-Club Snapchat

Uber Snapchats

Once you’re a few drinks in, call an Uber and you’re off! While you're jamming in the car, taking selfies is the move because you haven't started sweating.


The Geotag Snapchat

Geotag Snapchats

Thanks to Snapchat’s geotag feature, you can let everyone know where you are in a much cooler way than captioning your selfie “LIVin with my girls!”


The Bottle Service Snapchat

Bottle Service Snapchats

If you’re on a table and popping bottles, there’s no doubt you’ll want to flaunt it via snapchat story.


The Bathroom Selfie Snapchat

Bathroom Selfie SnapchatOnce you’ve broken the seal, the liquid courage is in full effect. Why not take a mirror pic?!


The Uber-Back-Home Snapchat

Uber Snapchat

It’s been a long night, but the party isn’t over! Car rides home are always so much fun, especially if you’ve already ordered food and you know your pizza will arrive right around the time you do…


The Postgame Snapchat

Postgame Snapchat



The Morning After Snapchat

Morning After Snapchats

Remember: Drink & Snapchat responsibly!

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