7 Things the Class of 2015 Will Miss About House Parties in College

If you did your college years right, you have a millon memories (some foggier than others) of epic parties & nights out. Dancing with the DJ ’till the club turns the lights on, popping bottles with your best friends, and generally causing trouble out in the city. Without a doubt, though, some of your best times were spent getting a big group of friends together, tapping a keg, and going ham at a house party.

After graduation, the house parties die down in favor of after work happy hours, and red solo cups are quickly replaced with pint glasses from brewery tours… you know, adult life. So live it up while you can, and hold on tight to these 7 Things You’ll Miss About House Parties in College. 


Drinking from red solo cups


No house party is complete without raising a red solo cup toast to the best years of your life. 



Dancing to the best mix of music…


Your fresman year party anthem plays right after a middle school throwback and next up is that new banger from everyone’s favorite DJ. That’s how to hype up a crowd.



…Playing from a serious sound system.


How this kid got the Bijou speakers into his living rooom, we may never know. If the cops aren’t called by midnight it’ll be a miracle.



Mixing up Jungle juice


What’s even it in? Who knows, but it’s delicious and you’re one sip from blackout central.



Meeting the most random people


Everyone shows up. Even that random kid from stats class.



Discovering new drink combos


The “bar” has gin, Sprite, cranberry and a 40 that the kid from stats class brought. Time to play mixologist!



Learning new drinking games


You’re pretty sure that funneling the rest of that 40 and jumping from one kitchen chair to another isn’t just a new game, it should be an olympic sport.


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