You wake up, well past noon. You’re in bed, confused and aching. Your head is throbbing, your throat is painfully dry. Flashbacks of nonstop dancing... bottles popping... It was your 21st birthday, undoubtedly a legendary night. Unfortunately, the craziest nights are followed by the worst hangovers. But don’t worry, we have your back! Here are 6 ways to cure that inevitable 21st birthday hangover. 


Make sure to drink plenty of water, especially if you’ve been throwing up. And it’s okay, it happens to the best of us! After a long night of drinking, dancing, sweating, and God knows what else, your hangover is likely to stem from dehydration and lack of electrolytes. In addition to the water, grab a Gatorade or some coconut water, both of which are rich in electrolytes.



This might be my favorite cure for anything. Let’s be real, sometimes you just have to sleep in until at least 3. Or is that just me? Regardless, your 21stbirthday is bound to extend into the late hours of the night and definitely take a toll on your body, so don’t be ashamed to just go back to bed!



Actually, I changed my mind: THIS is my favorite cure. Fats are actually one of the fastest of ways to break down alcohol byproducts, so hit up your favorite diner or guilty pleasure spot and feast! It’s also believed that eating greasy foods before drinking can help ease the next morning’s hangover.



Some scientists might disagree, but with a hangover this massive, you’re going to need as much help as possible. If you’re already a coffee drinker, you know how painful a hangover is along with caffeine withdrawals. However, coffee may dehydrate you further, so make sure to follow it up with water!



Sometimes we have to accept the fact that time the only thing that will completely heal a lethal hangover. So if none of the previous remedies work, throw on some lighthearted Netflix, and chiiiiiill. Some light laughs here and there will help forget about your headache (and the questionable decisions you made last night).



After all, it is your 21st birthday. Who says the party has to stop? While I wouldn’t always encourage this for hangovers, your 21st birthday is a significant deal, and the best excuse for you to turn up! Share these remedies with your friends to make sure they'll also be prepared for Round 2!

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