5 Ways to Make this Valentines Day in NYC Your Best Yet



Listen, if you’re going be in New York City for Valentine’s Day, you might as well do it right. If your situation is single, wifed up, or complicated, Valentine’s Day is the day to live it up. And with it being on a Saturday this year, you will have plenty of options for making this year the best one yet. Here are my top 5 pearls of wisdom to enjoying one of the biggest hookup holidays of the year.


Attend a masquerade party. The combined mystery and suspense of not seeing any faces creates an inherent sexiness that can’t be denied. Put on your hottest outfit, grab your most festive mask (it’s mandatory), and enjoy a highly alluring event with New York City’s most attractive people. While there are plenty to choose from, one that stands out is the popular Dances of Vice, where they live for creating the ultimate seductive experience.


Find the best views in the city. There are over 12 rooftop bars in the city that are open all year round. But even if rooftops in the winter aren’t your thing, you can still find high-floor bars with some of the best views in the city — and even fewer have fireplaces like the one like JIMMY at the James Hotel. There’s always something romantic about seeing the NYC skyline that will put everyone in the mood. And despite the pricey food and beverages, an experience like that will be totally worth it.


Go the Museum of Sex. This will either appear as a no-brainer or a total cliché. Each year, MoSex — yes, that’s what they call themselves (I know right?!) — has a provocative exhibit geared towards Valentine’s Day, lovers, and everything sex. And let’s be honest, since you’re looking to get lucky that night, set the tone by going to this year’s. They’ll have aphrodisiac-infused cocktails at their pop-up gallery bars, an exhibition described as a “Willy Wonka sex dream,” and a moon bounce made of giant breasts. Who doesn’t love breasts? More importantly, who doesn’t love a moon bounce?


Have the ultimate spa day. Spa Castle has recently opened in midtown Manhattan and it's a dream for those who want to be pampered. Sure, they have Valentine’s Day packages that you can do solo or as a couple. But seriously, the best part of this place is the “swim-up” bar that’s by the pool and hot tub. Having cocktails, in a hot tub, in midtown, in the middle of winter? Instant win.


Go out and make bad decisions. Actually, dont do that. But it’s definitely important to go out, shamelessly mingle, and meet singles on this day of all days. Everyone will be out looking to create their own loves story that night so be sure to grab your best wingman, and take the city by storm. Any night is a opportunity to actually meet that special someone, and this night is no different.


Remember, this night is all about you having a good time, hopefully, with those you love, and that includes yourself. Forget all of the commercialized nonsense and treat yourself to an awesome Valentine’s Day experience you won’t soon forget.


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