5 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day in Boston Without Breaking the Bank


Let the mad dash for flowers and chocolates begin! Valentine’s Day is one of the most polarizing holidays of the year. Some people love it. Others absolutely despise it. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there is something to do for everyone — and you don’t have to shell out beaucoup bucks to do it either.


1. Have $1 oysters. There are plenty of places in the Boston area where oysters will be available for a measly buck. A natural aphrodisiac, there are few people who will refuse them and it's an easy way to start — or end — the night. So yes, you can go to a place like GEM Italian Kitchen Nightclub & Lounge or Smith and Wollensky and live large, on the cheap. But if you go there, just make sure you get there between 5 and 7PM. (other places vary by timing)


2. Pop a bottle. While you can certainly pop bottles through Tablelist, you can get a decent bottle of bubbly to have solo or with your date at home. And most women will agree when I say, anything is better when champagne is involved. The best one I’ve ever had under $10 was Almondage's California Champagne. Bonus points if you can get cozy under a blanket and near a fireplace. The same effect can be had at places like Bastille Kitchen and W Lounge, sans blanket.


3. Go to a party. Whether it’s a couples’ or an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” party — which there will be plenty — the best part about this day is going out and having fun with other people. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be a one-on-one romantic affair. In fact, February 14th is one of the most biggest social (read: hookup) days of the year, and with it being on a Saturday this year, it has been referred to as Singles’ Awareness Day for a reason. So if you plan on going to a party single, be sure you have a great wingman by your side.


4. Check out the stars. The BU Observatory has public open nights that are 100% free. Starting at 7:30PM, you (or you and your date) will have the chance to look through telescopes and binoculars to see stars and planets you may not even seen before. Of course, weather is a huge factor so be sure to call first to see if it’s a good night to go.


5. Have a sports night. As a diehard Boston sports fan, we can all agree, our true loves are our teams. Well, you can show your love and have an awesome experience at TD Gardens Sports Museum, which hasn’t even been open for a year yet. At just $10, you can relive many of the best Boston sports moments of the past decade — or continue to celebrate our most recent one.


Remember, the most enjoyable experiences are ones that are fun and with those you love — or even just lust after. Money never has to be a deciding factor when it comes to having a good time. But if you do have some extra coin lying around, why not book a table on one of the biggest social nights of the year?


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