5 Reasons to Plan Early for Halloween 2016

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so we’re coming in hot with Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday and of course, Monday parties. While it’s tempting to leave your Halloweekend plans to the last minute, we’re here to share the 5 biggest perks of locking in your party plans now.


Lowest Prices

As demand goes up for Halloween tickets and tables, supply goes down and prices get crazy. Lock in your plans soon because the closer to the party, the more you’ll pay- simple as that.


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Best table selection

Lock in your table reservation early, and you’ll get your pick of DJ booth, dance floor, prime balcony spots and everything in between. This means a better view of all the action. Nothing’s scarier than getting stuck at the table by the bathroom on Halloween night.


Easily accommodate big groups

Halloweekend is a great time to celebrate, and Halloween celebrations are more fun with friends. If you like to roll deep when you go out, booking your plans early will save you an epic headache. As clubs fill up, your group’s headcount will stay the same, but the tables that can supposedly accommodate your group get smaller and smaller. Don’t forget that your city’s Tablelist concierge ready to help arrange your big group’s plans, and help accommodate special requests. You can reach us through the Tablelist app, on the Concierge tab.


Venues are more likely to be helpful if plans change

The earlier you book, the easier it is to reach out to the venue (or your helpful Tablelist concierge) if plans change. If your party grows, it’s possible to upgrade your order. If your party shrinks, there may be a smaller table available. This is all contingent on availability, and availability is only a reality when you plan in advance for Halloween.


There’s more planning to do

One of the best reasons to lock in your Halloween party plans yesterday is that there’s so much more planning to do. Once you decide on a venue and secure your table or tickets, it’s time to plan the pregame, choose your costume, work out transportation, and select the afterparty spot. Let Tablelist be your expert on booking your VIP table, splitting the tab, skipping the line & cover, and arriving in style, and the rest of your Halloween party planning will fall right into place.


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