3 Easy Ways to Win Over the Bouncer at Your Favorite Nightclub


The gatekeeper to the best places to party in your city, the bouncer is not one to ignore. With everyone trying to cut the line and get preferential treatment, it’s no surprise that these guys are discerning when it comes to who gets to get behind the velvet rope.


Women are rarely refused from entering a bar or club so guys, if you want to join these lovely ladies, here’s what you’ll want to do so you get on the bouncer’s good side — and stay there. 



1. Be Prepared


A major responsibly a bouncer has to keep the front of the venue organized and free from crowds. Having a ton of people at the front can actually create a dangerous situation is something were to happen so this is first and foremost the priority.


One of the biggest pet peeves I’ve heard bouncers discuss is when only a part of the party is there and trying to get into the venue. When everyone and their cousins are trying to get into the venue, to make the effort yourself but when it’s time, not have your  entire party ready to roll is a major nuisance. And I’ve even heard bouncers say they’ll make you wait even longer for not being prepared.


To make things smoother for everyone involved, if you know you’re supposed to meet someone there who is responsible for getting you in, make sure they are outside, waiting for you. Even if you have table service, it makes the bouncer and the staff’s jobs so much easier for your entire party to be there. It keeps the front of venue unobstructed and makes for a smoother experience.



2. Have Women With You. No Exceptions.


Whether we like to say publicly or not, women are the ever-lasting currency of nightlife. Bouncers will always give women the priority when getting into a venue because, well, let’s face it. They’re really attractive and while they may not be spending a ton of money, the guys who want to talk to them are. It’s Nightlife Economics 101.




So unless you’re someone famous, which, by the way, doesn’t guarantee you entry (I’ve seen this — sorry unnamed actor from Boston), you’ll want to have women by your side. How many? Ideally, double the amount of guys in the party. If you’re someone who frequents a certain venue, if you can reliably bring women there, the bouncer will virtually always give you preference because you can deliver what every club or bar looks for — attractive women.





3. Take Breaks Outside to Chat with Them


When I was in college, there was one night where the party was so amazing, I was sweating from dancing so much. Completely getting exhausted, I decided to take a break and go outside for a breather. While I was out there, I talked to the bouncer about how long he’s worked there, where else he works, if anything funny has happened that night, etc.


It was in those moments that it occurred to me that not many people actually interact with the bouncer after they get into the venue. That gave me the opportunity to build a relationship with the guy and made him see I’m not of the random drunken patrons he sees most of the time.


If you can, take time to chat with the bouncer, introduce yourself, and get to know him. If he can, on your way back in, offer him a drink (a water is likely all he can have). When a night is crazy, sometimes he gets caught up and can’t find the time to go in a grab something. Do it for him. He’ll really appreciate and remember you the next time he sees you. Remember, wingmen will always look out for each other.




The key to a better nightlife experience is through relationships with the decision makers. The bouncer is the first one you’ll want to invest the right amount of time if you want to have a great night, every night.



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