Nightclubs on a Budget

We get it: you want to have a great night out, but you don’t want to break the bank. What are your options for an inexpensive night out at the clubs? We rounded up a few of your best options

Best Movies for Netflix & Chill

We know exactly how we want to chill, but what are we going to Netflix? Here’s a list of movies that should help lead to other things. The key here is a predictable plot, because the last thing you want is to have your date so engrossed in your choice that she forgets you’re there. Strong plots have NO CHILL. 

Check the end of this post for an easy dinner to help you really lock it up.

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Tablelist Partners with Matzoball to Power VIP Table Bookings and Tickets Across 4 Cities

This Christmas Eve, Jewish singles across the country are ditching the takeout and joining the takeover. Dubbed the “The Number 1 Holiday Party of the Year” by USA today, Matzoball is coming to Boston, NYC, Miami and DC this December 24th. Now, Matzoball has partnered with Tablelist to make buying tickets, booking a VIP table and splitting the tab easier than ever.


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New Year’s Eve Style Guide 2016

Whether you’ll be strutting the streets of NYC, or living it up in Las Vegas, your New Year’s Eve outfit is something that should definitely already be on your mind. Let’s be real: almost ANYTHING goes on New Year’s Eve. It is practically another Halloween, because you can totally rock the booty-huggin’ outfits, dramatic makeup and 6-inch heels. Since you can have fun with what you wear, here are some awesome pieces to inspire your NYE look: 

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