Table Service: Halloweekend Style

Okay people, the most important weekend of the fall semester is quickly approaching! If you aren’t already thinking about costumes, you really have your work cut out for you. Even if you have a costume or two in the works – you aren’t off the hook just yet. There are going to be tons of parties and events throughout Halloweekend, and you need to be strategic about your options.

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Boston’s Top Spots For Celebrating Your Bachelor Party

There are a few things I believe to be true about a bachelor party in Boston. One is that no bouncer in the city likes to see a whole crew of dudes roll up to the door and bump the ratio towards “sausagefest.” And even if you are getting through the door, nobody wants to listen to you obnoxious bastards in line for 45 minutes, so bottle service will do you well. Secondly, it isn’t a bachelor party in Boston if you don’t end up on Lagrange St, paying some nice young lady’s electric bill in the form of $1 bills, so all of these spots are conveniently located near the nudie bars.

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5 Spots to Meet a Tinder Date

There is no shame in the Tinder/Bumble/Hinge game. Ok, maybe a little. Let’s just come clean about the fact that so many of us have dabbled in swiping left and right. It’s fun, mindless, and very superficial. I mean, what do six pictures, some networks and an (optional) bio really tell you about a person? But from time to time someone really catches your eye. If the conversation flows, why not meet up? (IN A PUBLIC PLACE!) I know these are known as apps for hooking up, but maybe, just maybe, you both actually want to get drinks or dinner (with drinks).

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