The BU Senior’s Guide to Boston Nightlife


FINALLY! The days of Allston Crawls are over, and we can actually go to Blanchards ourselves. We never thought this day would come, but here we are– 21 and ready to explore the city of Boston. Some nights we like to keep it close to campus, but on the nights we’re feeling more ambitious, call the Lyft or Uber because there are so many awesome spots we have to experience before graduation. (Shia LaBeouf for commencement speaker 2016?!)


7 Lounges to Check Out This Fall in Boston


Fall is a beautiful thing around Boston: Football is back, the B’s drop the first puck of the season, and it isn’t winter yet. Also, Fall is really when the city gets busy again –the students are back and the party scene is in full effect– but if you want to get away from the energy of a packed nightclub for a night, here are a couple of lounges we highly recommend.


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Venue Spotlight: Kabin


Kabin is one of the newest editions to our DC lineup, and it isn’t hard to see what makes it a staff favorite around here, either. Imagine partying in a mountain cabin, except this cabin has a professional sound system, a giant bar, and an awesome VIP section. Oh, and it’s in Dupont Circle, so it’s a lot easier to get to. And one more thing: don’t let the cabin ambiance fool you, because there’s nothing”rustic” about the parties they throw.

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