Tablelist DC x Waka Flocka
Exclusive Launch Party

TBLST_wakafbWell, we’ve had some time to settle into our new digs in Washington DC, and it’s about time we have an official launch party. What better way to let DC know “we’re here” than with a Tablelist-exclusive blowout at Asia DC with Waka Flocka Flame? We love partying with Waka Flocka –we’ve done it in Boston and the Hamptons– and partying with him at Cafe Asia is going to be off the hook. 



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Exclusive Launch Party”

A Better Hangover Cure? Asian Pears Could be the Answer!


I will do unspeakable favors for whoever cures the hangover.

I’m not even going to set the scene, because we all know how it goes. Hangovers suck, and I’ve never found a cure that’s actually worked. Apparently there’s a soup that helps, but I’m skeptical. I had a club sandwich at brunch a few weeks ago made with waffles, eggs, and fried chicken, and for about an hour I thought I was on the road to recovery, but then I got back into bed and sobbed for 18 hours.

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The Rooftops of DC


Well, the Metro suspended the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines for the morning commute yesterday, so there’s that. If you were one of the unlucky riders shuffled onto a loser-cruiser, or suffered the Uber surge instead of walking, you probably had some time to think about how humid D.C. gets in the summer. Which means you probably also thought about how great it is to post up on a rooftop after sunset. Maybe you didn’t think that, but we did. Here are a few we came up with.


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The 5 Best Lounges in Washington DC to Celebrate Your Birthday

If there is one thing we love at Tablelist (disclaimer: we love more than one thing), it’s birthdays. We’re excited to be in D.C., and our concierges are really excited to start planning awesome nights out for our members. We figured we’d get the ball rolling with this list of lounges we really like. We have some great packages for bottle service, table service, or even just getting you and your guests on the guest list! Get in touch with a concierge to plan the best party you’ve ever had, by messaging our team through the Tablelist app.


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